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Carly Pearce ‘Can’t Wait To Celebrate’ With DWTS Champion Kaitlyn Bristowe

by Madison Miller
Photo Credit: Scott Legato/Getty Images

Last night, the Mirrorball Trophy was finally given out and Carly Pearce was beyond excited about the winner.

The winner of “Dancing With the Stars” was former “Bachelorette” Kaitlyn Bristowe.

Carly Pearce Praises Close Friend Bristowe

Country artist Carly Pearce posted on her Instagram story celebrating the big win for Bristowe.

“I am not surprised one bit, but gah I am just so proud. One of the most genuine souls in the world just WON THAT MIRROR BALL! Love you KB AND CAN’T WAIT TO CELEBRATE!!”

The two appear out together often. It seems like the reality star and singer have become close friends over the last couple of months.

According to Country Now, the most recent was back in June a week after Pearce announced her split with Michael Ray. She was seen out with Bristowe, Jennifer Wayne, and Andrea Rothe.

Wayne documented the night on her Instagram story. She captioned one photo “modern day girls night” with each woman wearing a mask.

Bristowe wins DWTS

The final night of “Dancing With the Stars” was just Kaitlyn Bristowe, Nelly, Justin Machado, and Nev Schulman.

The stars did their past favorite performance and one freestyle as their last two performances at the finale.

She re-performed her Argentine tango from week 9 to the song “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

“I know I have pushed you,” said frequent critic Carrie Ann Inaba. “But this is now one of my top three dances of all time.” The judges rolled with straight 10s for a 30/30. The early dance also boosted the potential for viewer votes for the already popular dancer with Bachelor Nation behind her,” according to USA Today.

The reality star then did a freestyle to “Sparkling Diamonds” from “Moulin Rouge.” From flips to ballroom tricks, Bristowe landed another perfect score. That meant a perfect 60/60 night.

After viewer votes came in it was Bristowe standing under the confetti with the sweet sound of the artificially generated audience cheering.

However, no one was quite as excited as Bristowe’s boyfriend, a former contestant on a different season of “The Bachelorette,” Jason Tartick.

Tartick posted a viral social media video absolutely flipping out right as the show is announcing the winner. He screams and jumps while spraying champagne everywhere.

He replies to a fan about his celebration.

“Apartment is in shambles, DWTS will not be getting their security deposit back…but we’re alive and well!”