Carly Pearce Drops ‘Next Girl’ Music Video: ‘Creepy Guys Included’

by Madison Miller

In the span of about three and a half minutes, Carly Pearce tackles just about every “creepy man” villain that is all too real for a lot of females.

Pearce released her music video for “Next Girl” on Saturday. She captioned a post on Twitter with, “Filming the music video for #nextgirl made me feel like it was just another Saturday night out. Creepy guys included.”

The Big Machine Records country artist deals with creepy men, but apparently so do some of her fans.

The first commenter said, “Felt that. Guys can be SO gross. And creepy.” Then a man commented on that saying, “Yeah but girls keep coming back to us lol.”

Is that the kind of guy she’s singing about?

‘Next Girl’ Video

In the video, Pearce is seen sitting at a bar with a man with a muffled out voice as she nods hopelessly. Then she gets up saying, “Okay I’ve had enough.”

The music kicks in as she stands up from the seat. She’s wearing a matching two-piece skirt and top that looks like a cloud-like pattern. She floats her way to the stage, grabs a guitar, and starts the song.

From the over-enthusiastically sexual one to the man who checks out other girls on a date to the man who won’t leave you alone at the bar. Then there’s the self-obsessed one ordering for you while out to eat.

Then it’s a woman dealing with finally budging and giving up her phone number to the man pestering her. That’s met with the harassment from an unsolicited picture.

The whole time Pearce is fierce and independent, only for men to still not get the message. It’s a humorous, fierce, seemingly well-thought-out video about what really is just a Saturday night out for some people.

The Direction of ‘Next Girl’

According to Rolling Stone, Pearce wrote this as a follow-up to her duet with Lee Brice, “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” She was nominated for four CMA Awards. She won Musical Event of the Year for her duet with Brice.

For Pearce, “Next Girl” was her step in the direction of the kind of music she wants to create. It was the fierce, flirty attitude that gave her inspiration to create “Next Girl.”

She wrote on Twitter, “The only thing I knew how to do was to get lost in all of my old records. I needed to re-discover the music that captured my heart as a teenager: Dolly. Loretta. Patty. Trisha. The Chicks. Through all the listening, I was reminded how Country music always had these straight-talking women who were so strong and sassy.”

The song captures this energy as she sings about standing up to men being “creepy.” She’s also doing the courtesy of giving a warning to the next girl as an act of solidarity.

“I bet you probably met him at a bar/let him walk you to your car/I bet he said he never falls this hard/Yeah, I remember that part.”