Carly Pearce Explains How New Album ’29’ is Result of Grief over Divorce, Death of Busbee

by Madison Miller

Carly Pearce is a fan of dropping music right near Valentine’s Day. It’s either a move to mock love or bask in it, but it always seems to be a good choice for the country artist.

Last Feb. 14, Pearce released her second studio album. Now her new album coming out on Feb. 19. “29,” will be a reflection of just how much can change in the course of a year. That includes what’s changed for Pearce and the rest of the world.

For Pearce, “29” is a chance to center herself and reflect on life.

She has released a lot of glimpses into her upcoming album. Her song “Next Girl” warned the next girl to get with her ex of what’s to come.

The song remains one of her most popular and important hits. It’s dedicated to her longtime collaborator Busbee. He died from a brain tumor and left Pearce feeling heartbroken and a bit lost on where to go next in her career. Her solution was “Next Girl,” which was meant to embody female artists like Patty Loveless, Reba McEntire, and The Chicks.

She has also shared with fans a clip from her song “Messy.” Other than that, four songs are left unexplored until the release in a few weeks. In a press release, the four songs promise to “measure the realizations, hopes and letting go that comes with becoming an adult in full.”

Tough Year for Carly Pearce

Besides losing her producer and collaborator, Pearce had other issues happening behind-the-scenes of her music.

One of which was her divorce from Michael Ray. The two had a very public relationship and, therefore, a pretty public breakup. Ray and Pearce were married for eight months before separating.

Despite the difficult year, Pearce channeled it all into her music. She is sharing these feelings and emotions in her album, “29.”

“In that grief, I started swimming to save myself from the sadness, then realized I’d found something even deeper. ’29’ came from that recognition. I got back to myself, to my roots, to my truth, and then the songs just kept spilling out … The best songs come from the moment, from real creative spark — and Josh and Shane bring it out of me.

“They both know where my musical heart is, and they understand how to capture exact details for much larger truths. I feel lighter reflecting on the last year and pouring my soul into this music and wanted to share it in hopes that others to will take from the songs what they need,” Pearce told Taste of Country.

Songs on her upcoming album are “Should’ve Known Better,” “Liability,” “Messy,” “Show Me Around,” and “Day One.”

Given the names of the songs, it may be the perfect post-Valentine’s Day sad and angry album for those needing it.

Pearce on ‘Ellen’

Carly Pearce showed up on “Ellen” to sing her song “Next Girl.” Her most recent single, “I Hope You’re Happy Now” was another No. 1 single for the artist.

She’s been widely successful and is anticipating her new album. Being on the “Ellen” show is really a huge moment.

According to CMT, this is because Pearce was first on the show seven years ago, but as a backup singer for Lucy Hale as she performed “Lie A Little Better.”

Now, she is a popular solo artist signed with Big Machine Records.