Carly Pearce Honored with ‘Carly Pearce Day’ in Her Kentucky Hometown with Signs and a Key to the City

by Jacklyn Krol

Carly Pearce has her very own day!

The country songstress was honored with her own day and sign in her hometown of Taylor Mill, Kentucky. The town’s official sign now boasts that it is the birthplace of Carly Pearce. She posed for photos with the sign alongside her dogs and family. Pearce has also been dubbed a “Kentucky Colonel” and has the key to the city.

“I convinced my parents at 16 to drop out of high school & leave my hometown,” she wrote. “Today, that same home town honored me with “Carly Pearce Day,” a key to the city, the title of “Kentucky Colonel” and 2 of these signs at both ends of the town. I truly have no words. This town made me who I am…. I will always 🤍 you, Taylor Mill.”

A full ceremony took place with citizens and fans in attendance.

“Taylor Mills has always been such a part of my story,” she said in her acceptance speech. “I never wanted to lose sight of that. I’m so grateful and honored for this. My grandparents are very special to me and that’s the Pearce name. They passed away before this happened for me.”

Pearce said that she told her grandparents that if she was able to make it in music, she would keep their name alive. She added that she feels like she is keeping their memory alive in the “peaceful” town. She is set to perform in Kentucky opening up for Lady A on their current tour.

Carly Pearce’s Dolly Parton Connection

Carly Pearce left high school to move to Dollywood and perform at the theme park. She would go back and forth between the Smoky Mountains to Nashville to attempt to catch a break.

It’s been quite the year for Pearce, as she had a monumental full circle moment. In June, Dolly Parton asked her to be invited into the Grand Ole Opry.

“When one of ours has a special moment, it’s an honor to be part of that,” Dolly Parton said. “Carly is a real songwriter and bright heart—and I loved getting to ask her to do something so very special.”

Growing up, Carly Pearce would listen to The Grand Ole Opry’s radio broadcast with her grandparents. Pearce has performed on the legendary stage over 85. Each time she is overcome with emotion and remembers the pioneers before her.

Meanwhile, Parton has been a member since 1969. This also marked the first occasion that Parton was able to ask someone to be inducted into The Circle.

“Dolly is not only one of America’s greatest living songwriters, vocalists, entertainers, and superstars, she represents all of the values country music holds for me,” Pearce added.