Carly Pearce Open to More Hosting Roles, Credits Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire as Inspirations

by Joe Rutland

It’s been a busy stretch of appearances for country music singer Carly Pearce as a host. Now she has a desire to do even more hosting gigs.

Pearce points toward two country legends, Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire, as inspiration for additional roles. Pearce just finished hosting a night of Grand Ole Opry performances.

“I mean, I look at the two ladies to me that are just really showing me what I want to do, as far as being someone in the industry, is Dolly (Parton) and Reba (McEntire), and they do it best,” Pearce said.

“I would love to start to kinda tap into that,” she said. “I didn’t throw up, pass out or die on stage at the Opry, so I feel like that was a good, just starter for me.”

Parton and McEntire have been hosts of Country Music Association Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards shows in the past.

Carly Pearce is simply waiting for a phone call to get another chance at hosting a big-time event.

When she does, she’ll be ready and able to tap into the wisdom of watching Dolly and Reba do the same type of work.

Carly Pearce Opens Up About Michael Ray Divorce

Last year, Carly Pearce talked about going through a tough period of time that included getting a divorce from Michael Ray.

Pearce and Ray called it quits over the summer. The country musicians tied the knot back in October 2019. However, the Nashville-based couple shockingly announced their separation after Pearce filed for divorce in June 2020. Their marriage only lasted eight months.

“This was a hard decision,” a source close to Pearce told People Magazine. “It wasn’t something she wanted to have to do. This hasn’t been a quarantine realization — it was a last resort.”

In November, Carly Pearce spoke with People and said that 2020 is “single-handedly the hardest year of my life.”

The country singer did not share exactly why she chose to file for divorce. Yet, she did mention that she gave Ray numerous opportunities to make changes for the betterment of their relationship.

“I did everything that I knew how to do,” Carly Pearce said. “It takes two people to work on something … When you love somebody, you trust them.

“This was something that I really took time to make sure I was doing the right thing. It was very clear that this was not the marriage that I wanted.”

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