Carly Pearce Previews New Song About Feeling ‘Rollercoaster of Emotions’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Scott Legato/Getty Images

Carly Pearce revealed a new song that encourages her fans to feel all the emotions.

She posted on her Instagram an excerpt of the song and an important message for her fans. The song is called “Messy” that she is currently working on.

“I wrote this one for anyone who needs to hear that it’s 100% okay to go on a rollercoaster of emotions when you’re going through a break up & are healing. One second you’re good, the next you’re not. I’ve found this year that you HAVE to give yourself grace, trust the process & yeah, heartbreak ISN’T sexy,” the country artist posted on her social media.

The singer is mostly letting people know that heartbreak isn’t sexy. When many artists create songs that are a “screw you, I’m okay” message regarding an ex, this is a refreshing reflection of some people’s experiences.

“Cause heartbreak isn’t sexy / And there ain’t no wearing it well / Going through hell, so give yourself some grace / Moving on is messy…”

Music as Therapy

The singer says this is for anyone who needs it. However, it did a lot for her as well.

Carly Pearce recently went through a breakup with artist Michael Ray and has said this year has been rough.

According to US Magazine, therapy has been helping her work through her rough year.

“I dove into what I could control, which was taking care of my mental health … I started therapy for the first time and … a lot of people don’t want to say the word ‘therapy,’ but it’s been so helpful to me. [I] needed to just make sure that I’m healing and able to move on for good,” Pearce said.

The couple split after only five months of marriage. She said that the country music community has helped bring her light to many dark days.

Pearce is a country music star. Her “Every Little Thing” single brought her into the spotlight in 2017. Then in 2020, she won Musical Event of the Year with the song “I Hope You’re Happy Now.” She is also one of the three women to get the No.1 slot on Billboard’s Country Airplay Chart. The other two are Carrie Underwood and Kelsea Ballerini.

Carly Pearce as a Feminist Icon

Even more than an artist, she has become an icon of female empowerment amongst her fans and others.

When she started out Kelsea Ballerini was helping her all along the way. They met in a women’s support group for artists. This is part of the reason she is so adamant about giving back to women.

“We’re breaking down the doors and showing country radio and the gatekeepers that women do want to hear songs by women and that women can work on the radio. I think we just have to continue to brand ourselves as all our own artists and keep making music,” according to an interview with Pearce and Refinery 29.

Her single, “Hide The Wine,” is supposed to be an alternative to all the country songs from men about drinking and picking up women.

Turn up the lights / And kill the mood / Oh ’cause baby I just don’t trust myself with you / I better hide the wine.”