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Carly Pearce to Release New Album, ’29: Written in Stone,’ on September 17

by Jim Casey
Album Cover Courtesy of Big Machine Records

Carly Pearce announced she will release her new album, 29: Written in Stone, on September 17. The 15-song offering includes the seven songs from Carly’s recent EP, 29, as well as eight new tracks.

Carly released her seven-song EP, 29, in February 2021 after an especially difficult period in her life. Her producer/friend Busbee (Michael James Ryan) passed away in September 2019, while her eight-month marriage to Michael Ray dissolved in June 2020.

“So much has happened to me in the last year,” said Carly in a press release. “The more my life unraveled, the more the songs lifted me up. As the smoke cleared, and some unbelievable things started happening, I was writing even more truth and getting lifted up even higher. And I realized, as much as 29 captured a moment, I wasn’t done with the story.”

Carly had a hand penning every track on the new album. She teamed with some of country music’s most acclaimed songwriters for the project. Ashley Gorley, Shane McAnally, Nicolle Galyon, Natalie Hemby, and Josh Osborne, among others, have songwriting cuts.

“Once I started writing, I thought I’d gotten it all out of my system,” added Carly. “But the songs just kept on coming, and I realized to truly understand how you come out the other side, not just a quick snapshot, this full project needed to happen. Now people can see how you thrive and shine even in the lowest moments.”

Carly Adds Loveless & McBryde

In addition, both Ashley McBryde and Patty Loveless lent their vocal prowess to tracks on the new album. Ashley is featured on “Never Wanted to Be That Girl,” while Patty is featured on “Dear Miss Loretta,” which is available now.

Carly’s collaboration with Patty materialized thanks, in part, to the Grand Ole Opry (Carly will become an official member on Aug. 3). Patty heard Carly perform the heartfelt ballad on the Opry and reached out to the Kentucky native. Of course, Carly was more than thrilled to feature Patty, who became the second woman to win the CMA Album of the Year award with 1995’s When Fallen Angels Fly.

“To hear Patty Loveless sing your words, there’s no way to describe that sensation,” said Carly. “Her voice is Appalachia, those mountains and hollers are country music. To think, a year ago, I was asking myself, ‘What would Patty Loveless do?’ thinking about all her songs, how smart and sassy she always was. And now she’s on one of mine.”

’29: Written in Stone’ Track List

  1. Diamondback | Carly Pearce, Kelsea Ballerini, Tofer Brown, Shane McAnally
  2. What He Didn’t Do | Carly Pearce, Ashley Gorley, Emily Shackelton
  3. Easy Going | Carly Pearce, Natalie Hemby, Josh Osborne
  4. Dear Miss Loretta (featuring Patty Loveless) | Carly Pearce, Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally
  5. Next Girl | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne
  6. Should’ve Known Better | Carly Pearce, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton     
  7. 29 | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne            
  8. Never Wanted To Be That Girl (featuring Ashley McBryde) | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Ashley McBryde
  9. Your Drinkin’, My Problem | Carly Pearce, Nicolle Galyon, Sasha Sloan, Ben West
  10. Liability | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne 
  11. Messy | Carly Pearce, Sarah Buxton, Jimmy Robbins
  12. Show Me Around | Carly Pearce, Emily Shackelton, Ben West  
  13. Day One | Carly Pearce, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, Matthew Ramsey
  14. All The Whiskey In The World | Pearce, Jordan Terry Minton, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton
  15. Mean It This Time | Pearce, Jordan Terry Minton, Jordan Reynolds, Emily Shackelton