Carly Pearce Releases ‘Show Me Around’ In Memory of Busbee: ‘One of My Most Precious Songs’

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Spotify

Popular country music artist Carly Pearce has officially released “Show Me Around,” her new single, at midnight on Thursday night.

“Show Me Around” is a song that Pearce co-wrote as a tribute to the late songwriter, producer, and her dear friend Busbee. It is written by Pearce, Emily Shackelton and Ben West. It shares a hopeful message about looking forward to the day of reunion with a departed loved one.

“Bet your up there right now, making plans and writing down / All your favorite places that you just cant wait to take us / And we’ll, get to spend forever, talking ’bout, whatever / When I get there promise me you’ll track me down / And show me around,” goes the chorus of the song.

Pearce shared a heartfelt message to the late songwriter and producer at midnight on social media. She posted the message along with a link to her new song.

“One of my most precious songs I’ve ever written. Thank you for the gifts you gave this world, busbee,” Pearce wrote on Twitter. “I hope you listen to this song & think of sweet thoughts of the loved ones you’ve lost getting to show you around heaven one day. Listen to #showmearound:

Busbee, a famous musician and songwriter, played a large influence on Pearce and her musical style. Busbee passed away last year at 43 years old. A few months prior to his death, he got a diagnosis of glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.

Carly Pearce Talks Inspiration For New Song

Pearce took to social media early on in the week speaking on the impact that Busbee had on her and the message of “Show Me Around.”

“I knew this song was special from the moment I wrote it,” the country star tweets. “Busbee will forever hold a sweet place in my heart and in my music. I wrote this as a tribute to him but also for his beautiful wife Jess and their three little girls. #Showmearound is out Friday.”

As part of the tweet, Pearce shares a video of her reading comments submitted by fans. She becomes emotional when reading a comment mentioning Busbee’s wife Jess.

Busbee is my son-in-law,” Pearce says as she reads the reply. “Thank you much — this is beautiful. I am sure it will be comfort to Jess and help the girls remember the sweet times and dreams of the promised future we gave them.”