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Carly Pearce Reveals What Being ‘30 & Single’ Looks Like

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for CMA

The holidays, while a reminder of joy and happiness and festivity, can also be a painful reminder of being oh-so-single. For country artist Carly Pearce, she has her mom in the role of reminding her.

Pearce shared a photo of her phone’s recent call list on her Instagram story. Most people usually have a good array of people calling from work to family to friends. Hers was exclusively her mother. She captioned the photo “Well, I guess this is 30 & single.”

The Thanksgiving holiday must have brought something out of her mother. The last ten calls, with no other calls in-between, are all from her mom. A few of them are FaceTime calls instead of audio.

In Pearce’s defense, it looks like she only didn’t pick up twice.

Pearce and her ex-husband, country artist Michael Ray, divorced in 2019 making this her first holiday alone in a bit.

I’ll Be Alone For the Holidays

Often times, the holidays can be very difficult for those celebrating without a partner. A lot of the marketing of the holidays, from Hallmark movies to commercials to music, are all catered to those happily in love.

Going back home for the holidays alone and seeing other family members in love can be draining. Especially since many couples also get engaged between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

According to Refinery 29, there are a lot of ways to keep yourself happy and occupied during the holiday season. If you wake up alone and don’t really see anyone for Christmas, especially with the pandemic this year, it can be helpful to buy yourself gifts. Especially things like mystery boxes, subscription boxes, and advent calendars to have a sense of surprise.

Although Pearce shares her story light-heartedly, some people may not take the question of “why are you single” so nicely. For those sick of the question of when are partners and babies coming, consider just making it stop.

“Let them know it’s not a topic you enjoy discussing. Tell them it’s really not their business. Ask them how happy their marriage is, if you’ve had a few. However you refuse, just refuse — because that’s the only way we take this crap off the table, for good,” according to Refinery 29.

For Carly Pearce, her best mode of getting through the holidays is celebrating music with her fans. She released “I Hope You’re Happy Now” and “Next Girl.” Both are strong, sassy examples of Pearce not letting romance shut her down.