Carly Pearce on Singing Anthem at World Series: ‘Few Things Are as American and Iconic’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Mary DeCicco/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Last night was a huge night for baseball fans. The Atlanta Braves took home their first World Series win since 1995. Before the first pitch, Carly Pearce opened the pivotal game with the national anthem. This year’s World Series drew millions of television viewers. As a result, millions of Americans got to see Pearce’s gorgeous rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Shortly after she finished her performance, Carly Pearce took to Instagram to share the moment with her followers. The post contains a few photos of her singing along with a touching caption. Check out the post below.

In the post’s caption, Carly Pearce said, “Few things are as American and iconic as the World Series.” Then, she compared it to another of her recent achievements, singing at the Grand Ole Opry. Like performing on that hallowed stage, Pearce said singing before the World Series was “One of those things you don’t dare dream – and almost can’t believe when it’s actually happening.”

Carly Pearce ended her post by thanking the MLB for “giving [her] the honor of singing the National Anthem.”

If you didn’t catch Carly Pearce’s performance at the World Series last night, don’t worry. The YouTube channel Living in the Past shared a great video of her belting the anthem. Check it out below.

Carly Pearce’s National Anthem Performance Was Spot-On

As Americans, we’ve probably heard The Star-Spangled Banner a million times. As a result, many stars who sing the anthem before events try to make it feel fresh again. Oftentimes, we see celebrities trying to slap their own brand on the song to varying degrees of success. Some have a tendency to over-sing, almost as if they’re trying to upstage the composition itself. Then there are performers like Fergie and Roseanne Barr who really had no business tackling the song.

Carly Pearce, however, sang the song straight. She didn’t need any gimmicks or flashy vocal runs. Carly’s voice shines no matter what setting she’s in. However, she let the song speak for itself. The combination of her vocal prowess and Francis Scott Key’s timeless composition created a moment that will make you proud to be an American as well as a country music fan.

The Future for Carly

Carly Pearce hasn’t been around for long. The 31-year-old singer-songwriter got her big break just four short years ago when the song “Every Little Thing” became a hit. Since then, she’s been growing as an artist. At the same time, her star is quickly rising. Earlier this year, Dolly Parton invited her to join the Grand Ole Opry. Then, in August, Trisha Yearwood inducted her into the genre’s oldest institution. After a wonderful World Series performance, she’s on her way to being a household name. Keep your eyes on Carly. She’s one country fans will be talking about for years to come.