Carly Pearce Talks Navigating Career Through Divorce

by Clayton Edwards

Carly Pearce is having a huge year. She joined the Grand Ole Opry back in August, which was a highlight for both Carly and her fans. Country music legends guided her into the Opry from invitation to induction. First, Dolly Parton invited Pearce to step into the hallowed Circle. Then, Trisha Yearwood inducted her. Pearce also took home a pair of ACM Awards. Additionally, she dropped a new album earlier this month. 29: Written in Stone is a continuation of her EP 29 from February.

It has been such a great year for Carly Pearce that it would be easy to forget that she’s healing from major emotional trauma. She lost a good friend back in 2019. Then, she divorced her ex-husband, Michael Ray, after only eight months of marriage. Recently, Carly spoke to Fox News about navigating her blossoming career through her divorce and emotional turmoil.

First and foremost, Carly Pearce doesn’t think her success after such pain was a coincidence. In fact, she believes that the Man Upstairs had much to do with it. “I don’t think it was a coincidence that all of the career stuff started happening for me. I think God works in mysterious ways like that, I think that he’s validating the kind of music that I was making and what I was writing about,” she told the outlet.

Carly Pearce credits country music and the fans for helping her get through the hard times. “It almost felt like country music and country fans were wrapping their arms around me when I needed it.”

Carly Pearce Worked Hard for Her Dream

Most of her fans know that Carly Pearce dropped out of school at 16 to follow her musical dream. That’s when she started playing at Dollywood. She credits her time there with her current strong work ethic. “I did six shows a day, five days a week at Dollywood which, I think, really did prepare me to outwork everybody and really understand what it means to put on a show every night and the expectations that go along with that,” she told Fox News.

Pearce Embodies the ‘Outsider’ Spirit

We’re pretty big Carly Pearce fans here at Outsider. Fox News asked her what advice she would give to aspiring young female country artists, she showed that she has a little Outsider in her.

Above all, she said, “Trust your gut.”

Then, she said, “I had a lot of people that told me ‘Oh you’re dated, or you’re this or you’re that or you need to be more this,’ and it’s kind of funny that when I stopped listening to all of that and just wrote from a place of truth everything started to fall into place for me.”

She may have been talking directly to aspiring female country artists, but we think that advice is universal. Trust your gut, stick to your guns, speak your truth.