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Carly Pearce to Perform the National Anthem Before Game 6 of the World Series

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Erika Goldring/WireImage via Getty Images)

It’s a good time to be an Atlanta Braves fan. Tonight, the Braves and Astros are heading into game six with ATL at a 3-2 advantage. The world could see them pull off their first World Series victory since 1995. The whole baseball world is on pins and needles right now waiting to see how tonight’s game plays out. Country music fans who don’t usually watch baseball have a reason to tune in as well. Carly Pearce will sing the national anthem to open the game.

Carly Pearce shared her excitement about singing the national anthem at the possibly pivotal game with her Twitter followers last night. Pearce said that she was “honored and excited” to be taking the field in Houston to perform the Star-Spangled Banner at the World Series.

You can tune in to your local Fox station at 7:55/6:55 c tonight to watch Carly Pearce perform. Then, stick around to see if the Braves can bring a World Series win home to Atlanta.

Pearce is the third country singer to take on the national anthem during this year’s world series. Zac Brown performed before game 3 of the series. Lauren Alaina belted the anthem to open game 5. Both Brown and Alaina are Georgia natives. So, we all know who they were rooting for. However, Carly Pearce is a Kentucky native who moved to Nashville in her teens. So, it’s hard to say whose side of the stands she’d be sitting in. Here at Outsider, we’re rooting for Carly, as usual.

Carly Pearce Is One Step Closer to Her Bucket List Goal

Back in June, Dolly Parton invited Carly to join the Grand Ole Opry. This was a major moment for the woman who started her career at Dollywood. Not long after that, Outsider was lucky enough to get in on a press event to discuss Carly Pearce’s big moment and what she planned to do next. We wanted to know what was left on her Country Music Bucket List.

Carly Pearce has one big goal. “I just really want to be a staple. I want to be a household name,” she told us. “Like when you say Dolly and Loretta and Reba and Trisha and Faith and Miranda and Carrie I want you to say Carly and people know.”

Pearce continued, revealing how she would keep pushing toward that goal. “That just makes me want to continue to raise the bar for myself in everything I do.”

Singing the Star-Spangled Banner in front of a live nationwide audience puts Carly Pearce one step closer to ticking that off her bucket list. Countless Americans will tune in to watch the game tonight. First, they’ll hear, and undoubtedly remember Carly’s voice.