Carly Pearce’s Moving ‘The Voice’ Performance Brought Kelly Clarkson to Tears

by Madison Miller

If you’re an avid viewer of “The Voice,” you know there are certainly enough tears to go around. Carly Pearce made sure to keep it that way last night.

From incredibly sad or touching contestant backstories to performances so emotional and moving it leaves both coaches, contestants, and fans at home swatting at their eyes.

Carly Pearce Stellar Performance on ‘The Voice’

Kelly Clarkson has gotten emotional a few times during this season of “The Voice.” When Carly Pearce stopped by on the show on Tuesday, December 7, it was no different. This was the country music star’s debut performance on the popular NBC singing program.

She arrived at the beginning of the semifinals episode in order to sing her song “29,” which comes from her most recent album “29: Written In Stone.” It was a tough night for contestants of “The Voice,” as only five of the eight artists got to move on to the finals.

She performed her hit song in what appeared to be a living room set-up. There was a brown leather couch that Pearce was seated on during part of the performance. For Clarkson, the performance made her especially emotional, possibly because it hit close to home. Clarkson recently went through a divorce with Brandon Blackstock and separation is a huge theme in the track.

“The year that I got married and divorced / Held on for dear life but I still fell off the horse / From a Miss to Mrs. / Then the other way around / The year I was goin’ live it up / Now I’m never going to live it down,” Pearce sang during the song.

After such a strong performance, it’s no wonder Carly Pearce got at least one tear.

The Final Five on the Show

As for the rest of the night after Carly Pearce’s performance, we found out who made it into the finals which were all-around quite emotional as well. On Team Blake, Paris Winningham, and Wendy Moten both advanced. Clarkson’s artists, Hailey Mia and the trio group a Girl Named Named Tom both advanced as well. As for Jershika Maple, Joshua Vacanti, Lana Scott, and Jim and Sasha Allen, they had to compete for the Instant Save.

It ended up going to Jershika Maple on Team John Legend. This also means that Ariana Grande is left with no contestants going into “The Voice” finals.

Although she no longer has any more contestants, Ariana Grande has been a big supporter for all of the talented artists this season. This was her first season as a coach, so if she’s around next season she may implement some of the strategies she learned this time around.

When her artists were on the chopping block it would make her emotional and often leave her in tears. Blake Shelton joked about this during a visit on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

He said he had to remind her that “they didn’t send them to the alligator pit” after elimination. Seeing as she has no contestants left, Ariana Grande has “No Tears Left to Cry.”