Carrie Underwood Admits She’s ‘Not a Good Gift Giver,’ Christmas Presents Are a Challenge

by Josh Lanier

Carrie Underwood has staked her claim on Christmas. She released an album of Christmas music this year and a holiday special. But while she may love the holiday, that doesn’t mean she’s any good at giving gifts.

In fact, she told Entertainment Tonight recently she’s terrible at it. So bad she hopes her husband Mike Fisher doesn’t get her anything.

“I tell my husband don’t get me anything because that means I have to get him something,” she told the host.

That wasn’t an option this year, she said. That’s because Fisher got her the exact gift she has been wanting: cows. Two calves that live in their front yard, to be exact, Underwood told the astonished host.

“I love cows they’re my favorite animal,” she said. “I love them. They make me happy. I don’t want them for any purpose, just to love them.”

The country music singer grew up on a cattle ranch, which led her to becoming a vegetarian later in her life. She also tries to avoid leather products because of her love for animals and passion for their safety.

Underwood hopes this year will be easier because she’s spending so much time at home. With coronavirus forcing the shutdown of most concerts and shows, the country star said she’s been able to prepare for this Christmas.

“Usually I’m on the road,” she said. “This year I feel like my Christmas, I feel I was a little more on point. I had my decorations up earlier, and had my Christmas shopping done earlier because I actually had time to do it. Usually, I get home a week before Christmas and I’m scrambling.”

Carrie Underwood Discusses Her Christmas Traditions

Carrie Underwood sat down with Maddie and Tae, and Runaway June for the “Cracker Barrel Sounds of the Season” interview and performance where she revealed her family of four’s traditions.

“I feel like our tradition is being together, seeing family, and that involves a lot of travel,” she said. “We go to Oklahoma to see my family and go to Canada to see my husband’s family. So it’s like we go someplace before Christmas, we come back to Nashville for Christmas, and then we go someplace- to the other place right afterward.”

Underwood also says that no matter where they go, her family always gets a white Christmas.

“Oh yeah. There is a lot of snow,” she said. “Obviously, we make lots of snowmen, all the kids skate, like last Christmas, they were building igloos and stuff like that.”

Carrie Underwood’s first Christmas album, My Gift, has been topping charts since it came out in September of this year. According to Billboard, it is also the country singer’s eighth consecutive number one album on the Top Country Albums chart.