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Carrie Underwood Announces She’s Teaming Up with Pandora, SiriusXM for Live Event

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp)

Country icon Carrie Underwood is headlining the ‘Pandora Live’ event with her new Christmas album, “My Gift”, alongside an “intimate Q&A”, and much more!

“THE PANDORA LIVE EVENTS YOU KNOW AND LOVE, NOW FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME!” So screams the event’s website. Oh how 2020 has changed, well, everything. As their all-caps banner says, Pandora’s big musical event for this year, known as ‘Pandora Live’, will stream online for audiences around the world.

Headlining the event this year is none other than Carrie Underwood. Underwood’s new holiday album, “My Gift” will be the focus of her performances, alongside the advertising campaign leading up to it. According to Pandora, “Pandora Live Featuring Carrie Underwood, My Gift will include performances, an intimate Q&A, interactive experiences and more!”

“Get ready to see Carrie Underwood like never before,” their site adds. It sounds like fans have plenty to look forward to for the Tuesday, December 8th event. The best part? It’s free of charge!

Carrie Underwood Headlines Pandora Live with “My Gift”

Mark your calendars, Underwood fans. The show starts on December 8, 2020, at 9 p.m. ET

In addition, Pandora wants fans to “tune in 15 minutes early (8:45 p.m. ET) for exclusive pre-show activities including artist trivia and the ability to chat with other fans.”

To reiterate, “Pandora Live events are free and open to the public.” For more information on the live event, and to pre-register for free, check out Underwood’s tweet above.

Underwood Still Embraces “Innocence” As Headlining Star

Although she’s become the biggest name in country music, Underwood still holds tight to her “small town values” and the “innocence” that provides her. Moreover, she recalls a hilarious response she once gave Ryan Seacrest on the notion of stardom.

Writing candidly for Guideposts, Carrie Underwood “reveals how her small-town upbringing shaped her faith, career and family life.” Her in-depth words reveal her entire journey – from “American Idol” hopeful – to Queen of Country.

As she dives in, Underwood reveals a telling – and hilarious – exchange she held with ‘Idol’ host, Ryan Seacrest later into her audition process. In turn, Seacrest proved integral in opening her eyes to what was ahead.

In Underwood’s own words, auditioning for ‘Idol’ was an organic development. Nothing fell into her lap throughout. Instead, her story is similar to many other stars who’ve come from the show’s pantheon. The difference for her, however, is the level of success the reality show brought her.

While in L.A. during the later part of auditions, Seacrest was interviewing the rising star.

“In L.A., Ryan Seacrest interviewed me and asked if I’d seen any stars,” Underwood notes. A common question for Seacrest to ask newcomers to the home of Hollywood.

Underwood, however, was just that – a newcomer. Naive. Innocent.

So how did she respond to Seacrest asking her if she’d seen any stars?

Read on for the full interview, and much more, from Carrie Underwood.