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Carrie Underwood Announces Upcoming Christian Album, ‘My Savior’

by Charles Craighill
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Country music star Carrie Underwood has the music bug after releasing her Christmas album, My Gift. In a Twitter video, Underwood announced that her new Christian album, My Savior, is in the works. She told her fans that the sister album to My Gift will come in the Spring of 2021.

“Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and something NEW for the New Year,” Underwood wrote in her post. “Praying for better days ahead.”

In her video, Underwood made sure to wish her fans a Merry Christmas and thank her fans for their support of My Gift. Her Christmas album became wildly popular this holiday season for obvious reasons. The country superstar released three new songs in the album, one of which featured John Legend.

“Merry Christmas, I hope you all are out there enjoying the day,” Carrie Underwood said in the video. “Hope you’ve had some Christmas feasts and opened some presents and are surrounded by some people that you love. I am very blessed and very lucky because I have basically been living in Christmas-land all of 2020, which was a great place to be for this year. I’ve been making music that I love and been just giving my heart to the Lord with My Gift, which you guys have been so wonderful to support. Lots of love and support and I have felt it every step of the way, so thank you so much for that.”

She went on to announce her upcoming sister album, My Savior, which she said will arrive in Spring of 2021. The album will feature music similar to what she had on My Gift, without the emphasis on Christmas music. This time around, she will include several hymns that she grew up singing in choir.

Carrie Underwood Talks About her Upcoming Album

It’s clear that this project means a lot to Underwood. Her faith has been evident since the beginning of her career, and this is obviously a culmination of that.

“I feel like you guys have kind of been asking me for a while to make an album like that because I’ve been lucky enough to do songs like that here and there along the way in my career. So that’s what I did,” she said. “It’s just been such a blessing to make music like this, music that is near and dear to my heart. I hope you guys enjoy listening to it as much as I loved making it. Thanks again for the My Gift support and I hope you like this gift and I hope you like it when it comes out. Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, sending lots of love.”