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Carrie Underwood Celebrates a Belated National Dog Day with Her ‘Fur Babies’ Ace, Penny and Zero

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by ACMA2020/Getty Images for ACM

Carrie Underwood loves Christmas. She adores football season. There’s also something else she celebrates.

That’s national dog day.

You’ll have to forgive the country superstar for being a day late in acknowledging her three beloved hounds. National dog day was Thursday. Then again, if you’re a dog in the Carrie Underwood household, every day is your day to be spoiled and pampered.

She tweeted a gallery of snaps celebrating Ace, Penny and Zero. And of course, they are adorable.

She wrote: “I missed National Dog Day yesterday…I think that’s OK, though. My fur babies (Ace, Penny and Zero) deserve their own day! Photo dump to show my loves some love! PS, I need to take more pics of Zero!”

Carrie Underwood Used Two of Her Dogs to Announce Pregnancy of First Child

Zero is the youngest member of the Carrie Underwood canine family. Underwood and her husband adopted the German Shepherd in 2019. Underwood’s oldest son gave the pup its name. Coincidentally, she was pregnant with a human baby boy when she adopted the furry one. Jacob Bryan arrived days after Zero.

“Meet the newest member of our family!” wrote Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood’s husband. “Isaiah affectionately named him Zero. I guess it fits because it’s the chance of surviving if you try to break into our home.”

Ace and Penny are rescues. Carrie Underwood loves her dogs so much that she made Ace her ring bearer in her wedding. She even used the two dogs to announce the birth of her oldest child, Isaiah. Ace wore a shirt that said “I’m going to be a big brother,” while Penny sported a shirt that read “I’m going to be a big sister.”

She brags on all three of her dogs on her social media. That’s definitely worth an “aw” or two.

Country Superstar Hyped Football Video and Christmas Album This Week

Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood is enjoying an eventful week.

She teased her new intro video for NBC’s Sunday Night Football. It’s not a prime-time game unless Underwood belts out Waiting All Day for Sunday Night. You’ll be able to see it, Sept. 12 when the Chicago Bears meet the Los Angeles Rams. That’s the first Sunday night game of the season.

“Shooting the new show open for Sunday Night Football is one of the highlights of my year,” Carrie Underwood said. “I just love the fact that we get to reinvent it every year. The team behind these shoots is incredible and it’s always a really fun day, especially this year getting to work with such amazing state-of-the-art technology.” 

And on Friday, Underwood announced that her repackaged Christmas album will go on sale, Sept. 24. She first released My Gift in September, 2020. It was Underwood’s first-ever Christmas album. And it definitely was well received. She did an HBO special to coincide with the album. Plus, My Gift received the award for top Christian album from the Billboard Music Awards.

And Carrie Underwood then turned her first Christmas album into a holiday special on HBO.

The 2021 special edition will add three new tracks. That includes All is Well, which was written by Michael W. Smith and Wayne Kilpatrick. Smith released the song back in 1989. And he and Underwood recorded it in 2014.