Carrie Underwood Belts Tom Brady-Focused SNF Theme for ‘The Return’

by Quentin Blount

Everyone is pumped up right now to watch Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady return to New England to face his former team. County music superstar Carrie Underwood encapsulated all of our excitement with the latest version of her Sunday Night Football theme song.

In what has been dubbed “The Return” game, Tom Brady has officially made his way back to New England to face off with his former team. Brady signed with Tampa Bay as a free agent last offseason before leading them to a Super Bowl win in his first season with the team. All of that, combined with his 20-year history with the Patriots, has made Sunday Night’s game one of the most highly-anticipated regular-season games in recent memory.

The moment is finally here and all eyes will be on Brady. That is, except for when all eyes were on Carrie Underwood during the pre-game Sunday Night Football theme song. This week’s version was special with some Brady-Belichick-focused lyrics. And lucky for us, the official Sunday Night Football on NBC Twitter account posted a video online. Have a listen for yourself down below.

“WAITED ALL DAY FOR SUNDAY NIGHT! Take it away @carrieunderwood”

Sports fans and country music fans alike have some mixed feelings about not only the game but also about Carrie Underwood’s performance.

“This is a game the world has been waiting for,” commented one fan. “#TheReturn #TomBrady #BradyvsBelichick #NFL #NFL Sunday.”

“Love Carrie Underwood singing the Sunday Night Football theme,” a fellow Twitter user wrote. “She does an excellent job.”

But not everyone is sold on Underwood as the lead performer on Sunday Night Football.

“I miss the Hank Williams intro better, to be honest,” another person replied.

Carrie Underwood Is ‘Sunday Night Football’ Theme Singer Until At Least 2022

It’s pretty hard to believe, but Carrie Underwood has been doing the Sunday Night Football intro theme song for nine seasons now. She first assumed the role back in 2013. The network announced that they were retaining the country star for at least two more seasons back on August 23.

And while this year’s song — “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” — will be the same one many NFL fans have come to know and love, the performance that goes along with it has been updated thanks to the use of brand-new LED technology.

“Shooting the new show open for Sunday Night Football is one of the highlights of my year. I just love the fact that we get to reinvent it every year,” Underwood said earlier in the year. “The team behind these shoots is incredible. It’s always a really fun day, especially this year getting to work with such amazing state-of-the-art technology.”