Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley’s ‘Remind Me’: Story Behind the Hit Song

by Jennifer Shea

The Brad PaisleyCarrie Underwood duet “Remind Me” is the third single off Paisley’s 2011 album This Is Country Music. It hit the top of the Hot Country Songs chart upon its release.

And it had controversial beginnings.

Country star Paisley co-wrote the song along with Chris DuBois and Kelley Lovelace. But songwriter Amy Bowen, whose pen name is Lizza Connor, sued them over the song. Bowen claimed copyright due to a song she had written, also titled “Remind Me.” 

In 2013, Judge Aleta Trauger shot down Paisley’s request for dismissal. However, per Taste of Country, Paisley et al. ultimately won the lawsuit. 

Bowen’s complaint hinged on the fact that she had written “Remind Me” in 2007 and performed the song around Nashville in the ensuing years. She had performed it at a 2008 workshop where Lovelace and DuBois were serving as advisors. She was seeking $10 million from them over the songs’ similar refrains of “remind me” and “baby, remind me.”

The judge’s ruling notes that Paisley had looked through a list of words and phrases that Lovelace typed up as potential song ideas. One of the phrases on the list was, “Remind me so I won’t forget.” Paisley asked if there was a story behind that, but Lovelace said it was just an idea he had come up with himself at some point.

Two Different Songs

Ultimately, Paisley said he wrote the music to the song while Lovelace and DuBois wrote the lyrics. However, Bowen argued the melodies of the two songs were similar enough that Lovelace and DuBois had to have contributed to the melody.

The judge found that the two songs were different enough to dismiss the complaint. One was a call-and-response duet, the other was the sentimental account of a woman grieving the loss of a relationship.

While the judge granted Bowen the originality of her song and that the defendants had access to it, Bowen failed to prove that the songs were similar enough for the 2011 song to count as copying.

In 2012, Paisley and Underwood’s music video for “Remind Me” won Collaborative Music Video of the Year at the American Country Music Awards and Collaborative Video of the Year at the CMT Music Awards.