Carrie Underwood Details Son Isaiah’s Visit to Santa

by Halle Ames

For most kids, meeting Santa is either the happiest or scariest time of the year. However, Carrie Underwood reports that her five-year-old son Isaiah loved meeting Mr. Claus. 

Country music star Carrie Underwood and her family took a trip to the mall to run a few errands. While at the uncrowded mall, due to the rising COVID-19 cases, the mother of two decided to let her young boys meet their beloved Santa. 

Underwood posted an Instagram story of Isaiah as he sat on the jolly red fellow’s lap and looked up at his hero from under his mask on Saturday. She commented on The Mall of Green Hills in Nashville, Tennessee, and their Santa display. 

 “They do such a great job! Kids loved it!”

The Instagram stories have all expired now, but Underwood concluded the uploads with a picture outside the spot where she had lunch.

“What a beautiful day!” Underwood said with a heart emoji.

Carrie Underwood Watch Party Post

The same day Carrie Underwood posed outside her store in the Nashville mall, Calia by Carrie Underwood. Carrie put one hand on her hip, as she rocked a floral mask. She also wore a white fuzzy sweater with a pink undershirt, and black tennis shoes and leggings. 

“Arriving at a safe and socially distanced watch party of my new Christmas Special! #MyGiftHBOMax #ChooseYou#StayThePath @caliabycarrie.”

My Gift

Carrie Underwood’s new and first Christmas album, My Gift was released on September 25. The album features the voices of her oldest son, Isaiah, who currently dreams of becoming a singer like his mother. His adorable voice can be heard in the song, “Little Drummer Boy,” and John Legend is featured for the new hit “Hallelujah.”

My Gift has three original songs and nine classics. It’s Underwood’s seventh studio album, and as of this morning, Carrie Underwood’s My Gift is topping the 2020 Holiday Album charts. We Need A Little Christmas by the Pentatonix is in second.

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