Carrie Underwood Explains the Process of Learning Spanish for Recent Bilingual Duet

by Keeli Parkey

Carrie Underwood is an artist who is not afraid to take a risk. Her latest? Revisiting her Spanish lessons from years ago for a duet with David Bisbal.

The collaboration between the country music icon and the Spanish star gives their fans a chance to hear them like never before. According to reports, Underwood sings in Spanish for the first time, while Bisbal sings in English. The song allowed her to draw on the foreign language lessons from her younger years.

“I did, and am continuing to do so,” The Boot reports her saying. “I did take Spanish in high school, [and] I took Spanish in college. … having a musical brain can lend itself to being able to learn another language. Ever since being able to work with David, that’s something that’s kind of reignited a little bit of that desire in me. So I have been trying to remember what I learned and build on it.”

Carrie Underwood and David Bisbal combine their talents for the song, “Tears of Gold.”

Each singing in the other’s native language was a draw for the country performer.

“The fact that he wanted to sing in English and I wanted to sing in Spanish, it was such a cool synergy that happened,” Underwood said. “… So it was such a cool thing to be a part of, two artists stepping outside of their comfort zones to make music, it was a really cool experience. It was a lot of fun, too.”

Carrie Underwood Announces New Album

Carrie Underwood’s fans can expect new music from the singer in the near future. The singer announced her new Christian album, “My Savior,” via a video posted to Twitter on Christmas Day.

In addition, Underwood said the new album should be available in the Spring of 2021. The music will be similar in style to the songs that appeared on her recent “My Gift” album, but without a holiday theme.