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Carrie Underwood Explains Why Her Son Isaiah Loves The Grinch

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Albert L. Ortega/ Getty Images)

Everyone can get behind rooting for an outsider, especially when he turns into a good person at the end. However, kids like Carrie Underwood’s oldest son, Isaiah, love him just because he is creepy. Simple as that.

Carrie Underwood took the time to virtually talk with Kelly Clarkson about Underwood’s family, her new Christmas album, and her adorable son, Isaiah.

While most kids want to dress up as Spider-Man or a Power Ranger for Halloween, the five-year-old boy decided he wanted Christmas to come early last year. Isaiah Fisher is seen dressed head to toe as the green furry monster that steals Christmas from all the Whos in Whoville. Even his little face is painted green with black paint for the dramatic eyebrows and nose.

Clarkson says that she can relate because her young children also prefer the villain over the prince or princess.

“I have to ask you about this photo,” says Clarkson. “This is awesome. So here is the thing I love about this picture, my kids naturally gravitate towards Ursula, not Little Mermaid. They gravitate towards Gaston, not the Beast. I don’t know what’s wrong with them, but does yours gravitate towards the Grinch instead of Santa?”

Carrie Underwood and Isaiah Love the Creepy Grinch

Carrie Underwood says that while her little boy loves creepy things, like her, Isaiah will always love Santa more.

“He just loves kind of the creepy like aspect of things,” admits Underwood. “So he would like The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is, you know, a Christmas movie. But he likes the creepy-ness of it. I mean, he loves Santa. He had the sweetest heart. I don’t know. He is my child. I like scary movies and the creepy stuff too. I swear I have not imposed any of my stuff onto him, and this is just what he likes going for, so he loves the Grinch.”

Carrie Underwood and Isaiah can be heard performing together on her new album, My Gift, where the little angel sings his heart out during “The Little Drummer Boy” solos.