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Carrie Underwood Fans Are Loving New Single ‘Ghost Story’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

For the past week, country starlet Carrie Underwood has been teasing her new single, “Ghost Story.” Now that it’s finally here, fans are smashing the replay button.

Early on Friday morning, “Ghost Story” finally became available to Carrie Underwood fans. The song was nothing short of haunting and beautiful. Underwood plays to the best assets of her voice in the song, giving us plenty of lulling soft tones and strong belts. It’s a catchy tune, and it will wiggle its way into your ear for the rest of the day, having you hum lyrics like:

You’ll hear a noise, swear you know the voice / And you’ll chase it down the stairs / You’ll look around, not a single sound / ’Cause there’s no one even there


The unapologetic tune has already received lots of praise from Carrie Underwood’s fans who have been up all morning waiting for the single to drop. On Twitter, many of Underwood’s listeners gathered to share their first impressions of the song. To say they were excited is an understatement.

Carrie Underwood Fans Sing Country Star’s Praises

To the country star’s fans, the wait for the full version of “Ghost Story” has been excruciatingly long since Underwood first shared a photo of herself in the studio on Instagram on March 9. Ever since then they’ve kept a close eye on her socials where the songstress has slowly teased more and more of the music.

So, for these fans, a week has felt more like a century. But it was worth every second they waited.

“Carrie Underwood finally released a new single omg it’s been 84 years,” one fan said at long last. “#GhostStory is a smash, instantly obsessed I cannot wait for the album!”

Another Carrie Underwood listener promised, “For anyone waiting to hear #GhostStory by @carrieunderwood rest assured you won’t be disappointed and it’s been so worth the wait for new music. I mean this song is up there for the originality and premise of the lyrics. The music video will be insane.”

A fellow Underwood fan shared, “Oops, Carrie did it again! Impressive vocals on #GhostStory and she’s so good at controlling them, it sounds effortless! I also love the uptempo rhythm!”

Meanwhile, others were confident that “Ghost Story” further proved Underwood’s place among the best vocalists. In fact, one fan even shared a snapshot of the single quickly climbing the music charts.

“Are people ready to recognize Carrie Underwood for the legend she truly is? NOBODY sings like she does. Flawless and powerful. Effective. Her voice just keeps getting better. Ghost Story is a great first single, and I can’t wait for the rest of the album. SHE’S BACK B—,” one enthusiastic fan shared.