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Carrie Underwood Is ‘Feeling Loved’ as She Thanks Everyone for the Birthday Wishes

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood is feeling loved on her birthday! From surprising fans with news of new music to an exciting appearance at the 2022 ACM Awards, Underwood has been keeping busy this year. Now, country lovers can proudly look forward to a surprise from one of their favorite country gals. But today, the 39-year-old singer can spend celebrating her birthday!

In a recent Twitter post, Carrie Underwood shared a picture of her birthday cake. Because the cake said, “Happy Birthday Mommy” in gold icing, it’s safe to say her sons gave her this cake. The shimmering light-pink dessert also included pastel-colored decorative balls on top and on its side.

Underwood’s caption read, “Feeling loved this evening! Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! I do believe that 39 is going to be my best year yet!”

No surprise that fans flooded her comments with birthday wishes. Other fans attempted deciphering what the “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer’s use of the wink emoji.

“1. Absolutely obsessed with this cake! 2. Thinking about what the wink could mean is terrifying but also exciting.”

We’re going to take a wild guess and say it means the “American Idol” winner is putting out some new music this year. However, when it will happen is a mystery.

Carrie Underwood’s ‘Biggest Influences’ Includes a Full Lineup of Country’s All-Time Great Female Singers

The list of people to with Carrie Underwood a happy birthday likely includes some famous faces in the country music industry. In fact, some of the singer’s biggest influences are some of country music’s biggest names.

While speaking with 102.1FM on the iHeart network last week, Carrie Underwood listed her biggest influences. And surprise, surprise — it’s a list of country superstars!

“I think my biggest influences musically, or career-wise, would have to be women like Reba, like Dolly, like Faith Hill, like Martina McBride,” Underwood said. “You see all of these women just juggle everything masterfully and many of them are moms and they’re superstars and they’re talented, and you know, I know how hard they work because I’m in their shoes and doing the same juggling.”

With a booming career to keep up with, it probably isn’t easy also being a spouse and a parent of two. But the Grammy Award winner makes it all look easy.

“You know, you have the kids and the career and you’re just trying to crush everything you do and being pulled in a million different directions,” she continues. “And to see women like that who are just beautiful and smart and strong and talented, knowing that they have come first and they’re still getting to do what they love and they’re still getting to be the mom and the wife and all the things — that’s just such an inspiration to me and just lets me know that I can do it too.”