Carrie Underwood Has No Shortage of Parenting Advice for New Mom Mickey Guyton

by Jonathan Howard

Since the news came out, Carrie Underwood has been giving parenting advice to new mother and fellow singer, Mickey Guyton. 2021-2022 has been huge for Guyton. She became a mother, sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl, and has been getting more of the attention that she deserves for her work. Since her son was born, she has been getting so much support from the country music community.

While talking to PEOPLE, Guyton talked about how the former American Idol winner reached out to her. She has heard from a number of artists since giving birth to her son, Grayson Clark.

“I talk to my friend Maren [Morris] about it, Carrie Underwood about it. It’s just interesting,” the singer recalled. “Once you become a mom, the moms find you. Moms really rally around you because they get it.”

It’s not something specific that Carrie Underwood told Mickey Guyton as far as parenting goes. However, it’s the “support” that is most important. When you feel like there are others there for you in a whole new experience, it makes it a lot easier to get through the tough moments.

“You need that support,” she continued. “You need that support because none of this is easy. It’s the greatest, hardest you’ll ever do.”

Not only has Guyton been blossoming as a country music star and a new mother, but she is being honored in many ways. Amazon put together a documentary honoring and featuring Black artists in the genre. The history of the music and where the future is headed. Guyton is a big part of that growth and the new level of diversity in the country music scene, and she was rightfully featured.

For those that weren’t paying attention before, you should start. Guyton’s star will only continue to rise.

Carrie Underwood, Parenting, and School Safety from Mickey Guyton

While talking with PEOPLE about Carrie Underwood and parenting, Mickey Guyton also talked about school safety. Her new initiative with 3M is all about school zone safety. Together with her husband Grant Savoy, the two are working on making kids safer in school zones and other areas. It was something that didn’t click for the singer until she had her son.

“I saw kids [and thought], ‘Oh, they’re cute.’ Move on. Now, I’m like, ‘That’s somebody’s child,'” she said. “There’s a mom on the other end of that or dad or two moms on the other end that are important. … I just have a whole different respect for mothers.”

If Underwood is giving her advice, then Guyton should be doing just fine. She and her husband Grant look like such great parents and clearly have a whole new outlook on the world. It’s nice to have friends and with the friends that the country singer has, all should be good.