Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Reacts to Her 2022 Grammys Win for ‘My Savior’ Album

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

This past weekend, country superstar Carrie Underwood attended the Grammys and took home an award for her gospel album, “My Savior.” And her husband, Mike Fisher, “couldn’t be more proud.”

Fisher attended the award show with Underwood that night and was the first to congratulate her when she received the Grammy pre-show. Underwood won in the Best Roots Gospel Album category, her first non-country win.

“This one is special! Couldn’t be more proud of @carrieunderwood for her Grammy win for ‘My Savior,'” Fisher captioned his post earlier. He included a picture taken of Carrie Underwood holding her Grammy in hand.

Underwood posted the same picture earlier, along with a heartfelt message. “I WON A GRAMMY!!!!! I love this album (#MySavior) so much and I truly believe it is the most important album I have ever made! Thanks to all who supported it! I am eternally grateful! Glory to God!”

She added, “AND I got to sing #GhostStory for the first time on the @recordingacademy stage! What a night… #Grammys #Blessed #grateful.”

Of course, Carrie Underwood absolutely nailed her performance of “Ghost Story” at the Grammys. She released the song a few weeks ago, delighting fans who’ve been waiting for new music from the country star. Underwood rocked out on stage hours after she received the award for Best Roots Gospel Album. It’s impressive that she put on such a good performance after emotionally accepting the Grammy pre-show.

See Carrie Underwood’s Emotional Acceptance Speech After Her Win at the Grammys

Carrie Underwood won her eighth Grammy award this past weekend, after receiving 16 nominations during her music career. This one hit home in a different way, though, because the album focused on her faith and gospel-style rath than her typical country sound.

After accepting the award, Underwood gave an incredibly emotional speech that AP Entertainment put out on Twitter earlier.

“I’m probably immediately gonna start crying,” Underwood begins. Soon enough, we start to hear the tears in her voice. “I feel like it’s more important because I feel like this is one of the most important bodies of work I’ve ever been a part of, been able to do.”

She added, “This is the one thing I’ve wanted to do literally my whole career. I’ve wanted to make this album. And I got to and this just means the world to me.” Carrie Underwood ended her Grammy’s speech by referencing her earlier comment about crying. “Man, I didn’t last any length of time, did I?”

We don’t blame her. It’s an emotional time receiving a nomination, let alone a win, at the Grammys. But clearly, “My Savior” means a lot to Carrie Underwood and she appreciates the recognition it’s received.