Carrie Underwood Impostor Steals Large Amount From Unassuming Country Fan

by Courtney Blackann

If Carrie Underwood knew about this, she might actually take a Louisville slugger to someone’s taillights. An investigation is ongoing after an unknown person claiming to be her on Instagram swindled thousands of dollars from a fan.

The unnamed victim sent the scammer more than $7,100 in gift cards and funds. After several months of sending gifts, the victim believed he was going to meet Carrie Underwood. The victim continued to send requested items hoping a meeting was in the works.

When the meeting didn’t happen and the scammer kept requesting money and gift cards, the victim reported the activity to the local police.

The initial contact occurred when the scammer reached out to the victim through Instagram.

Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident.

Carrie Underwood’s Rise To Fame

While she’s a sought-after celebrity now, Carrie Underwood was like most normal people just a few years ago.

Prior to her huge successes, hosting gigs and fame, the singer was just a girl from Oklahoma. She’d never flown on an airplane. After auditioning for American Idol in Missouri, the actress almost didn’t continue. She had such a fear of flying, she almost quit the show.

Country music fans everywhere are praising the fact she did.

Underwood decided to face her fears and fly across the country to see how far she could go in Hollywood, which turned out to be all the way. The singer’s goofy humor and down-to-earth personality impressed the judges. In addition, her killer set of lungs got her the title of American Idol winner.

While the show was in only its fourth season, with Kelly Clarkson being its biggest success, Underwood would go on to become the show’s arguably most successful artist.

With awards for days and collaborations with just about every country music star in the business, including Brad Paisley and Jason Aldean, the singer continues to make headlines.

Looking back on her journey with American Idol, Underwood says the whole experience was like a modern-day Cinderella story.

“I thought I had no chance of winning. I still don’t know why, but people — for some reason — voted for me, and it’s been crazy. It was like, in one day, my life completely changed,” Underwood said in an interview during her 2016 tour.

The “Jesus Takes the Wheel” singer has topped a number of charts. Since releasing her debut album “Some Hearts” shortly after her 2005 Idol win, she’s made eight albums. The singer also has 21 number one singles.

In addition to making hit records, Underwood also shared the stage with Brad Paisley for several CMA Award shows.

Through all her success and fame, Underwood also maintains a happy marriage with her husband Mike Fisher, displaying much of their travels and adventures via social media.