Carrie Underwood, Jason Aldean Premiere New Music Video for ‘If I Didn’t Love You’

by Jonathan Howard

There is a lot to be thankful for if you are a Carrie Underwood fan. She has released two new songs in the last two weeks. After Only Us came out last week, she is back with a song alongside Jason Aldean. If I Didn’t Love You is out now and Underwood shared the video on Twitter.

The duet works so well. Jason Aldean begins with a somber opening as the music comes in. With just a piano at the beginning, a drumbeat comes over before the chorus hits. As the two join each other for the chorus, the band comes in with a big country-rock sound. It fades quickly as Underwood goes into the second verse.

Both artists are seen in very fitting attire. Aldean just keeps it simple with a black ensemble. From his cowboy hat to his leather jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. Of course, Underwood is in a gorgeous sapphire-colored dress and shoes to match. Both command a presence in the video all their own.

After just a couple of listens, the thing that makes this work is how both singers are given time to shine. Both are given time to sing above the music. That big band sound goes away during the verses allowing the artists to be the focal point. This is going to be one we hear on the radio over and over again.

Carrie Underwood Prepares for Las Vegas

New music is just part of Carrie Underwood’s 2021-2022 plans. This has been a great year for the country music artist. Earlier in the summer, she performed on stage with Dwight Yoakam. After performing a couple of songs with him at the CMA Summer Jam, fans got to see the show on television last week.

Of course, she has also recently released Only Us last week. That song was performed with and produced by Dan + Shay. The trio made the best out of the soundtrack song for Dear Evan Hansen. Now, with the Jason Aldean track If I Didn’t Love You, fans can look forward to something extra special later this year.

In December, Carrie Underwood begins her residency in Las Vegas. Reflection will begin on December 1st of this year. After a slate of shows through the month, Underwood takes a bit of a break. However, she is right back in Vegas to perform in March and April.

With all the buzz around Underwood, fans have a right to be excited. These duets have been awesome to listen to. It seems that she is just enjoying herself and doing what she loves. One has to think there might be a bigger project coming out. Possibly a new album? Who knows for sure, but the more music she puts out, the better.