WATCH: Carrie Underwood and John Legend Team Up for ‘Hallelujah’ Music Video

by Jacklyn Krol

Carrie Underwood and John Legend collaborated on their “Hallelujah” music video.

Carrie Underwood and John Legend’s Christmas Cheer

The new duet is off of Underwood’s Christmas album, My Gift. Legend and Underwood released the new video via Facebook on Thursday (November 19).

The video begins with Legend lighting a fire and getting cozy around a grand piano in what seems to be an abandoned church. Underwood is seen in a snowing pine tree forest. Underwood then gazes into Legend’s window before she joins him inside at the piano.

The two take turns belting out the ballad while the viewers watch people with candles enter the church when it was in its former glory. We flash back to Legend and Underwood still at the piano when it begins to snow inside. The video concludes with a singular church bell and the sight of empty church pews.

Watch the video here.

All About ‘My Gift’

Having a duet with Legend was a no brainer for the American Idol alum. “I was deep into making the album, and this one kind of came in. He sent it to us kind of at the end. It was like, ‘Well, I love the song. I feel like this is a puzzle piece I didn’t know was missing, but now that I’ve heard it, I have to have it,’” she recalled. “And so we just put the ask back, ‘Thank you for sending, do you want to sing a part with me, too?’”

“Hallelujah” isn’t the only duet on her album. Underwood also collaborated with her 5-year-old son, Isaiah, on “Little Drummer Boy.”

“Whenever I think of that song, I picture his face and his personality. That is so him,” she said of her son’s feature. “He would be the kid that would make you something and bring it to you because that’s what he had to give you. And that’s the whole sentiment behind ‘Little Drummer Boy’ is bringing what he has to Jesus, which is why I wanted to name the album My Gift.”