Carrie Underwood Jokes She Gets Flashbacks to Elementary School Days When Son Calls Her Funny Nickname

by Emily Morgan

It’s hard to imagine Carrie Underwood having a tough time in elementary school. But she did, according to the country music sensation. In 2019, the “American Idol” winner took to Twitter to share that her son Isaiah once called her a name that gave her flashbacks to her childhood.

“My own kid just called me “Carefree Underwear.” This is basically elementary school all over again,” she hilariously tweeted about getting roasted by her son. 

While she might have faced a few bullies in elementary school, she can now laugh about it. At the time, former “Bachelor” star Colton Underwood sympathized with the singer, sharing that he too was once bullied in school about his name. 

Her followers quickly offered up their own hilarious anecdotes surrounding the name in the tweet’s replies. Some suggested that the name could potentially be a new product for her Calia by Carrie clothing line. Others were brave enough to reveal their own elementary school nicknames.

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher’s Adorably Hilarious Son

Additionally, this isn’t the first time Isaiah has given his parents a reason to laugh. Little Isaiah has an impressive vocabulary for his age for being so young, keeping the country superstar on her toes. From his “toy potato” to his use of big words, Carrie and her husband never know what they’re going to hear next. 

Earlier in the month, Isaiah’s cuteness could not be stopped when his mom recalled a conversation with her son. Taking to Twitter, Underwood wrote that Isaiah wanted something. She added that he asked her for it by saying, “Pretty please with sugar on top.” However, she jokingly responded that she doesn’t like sugar. 

In response, he then asked his mom whether he could have something. “Pretty please with broccoli on top,” he asked. Underwood couldn’t help but feel proud as she ended her tweet by writing, “He knows me well!”

As for how she and her husband are adjusting to being parents to young children, Underwood has said that they were “still learning the ropes.”

“We’re still figuring out our groove, to be honest.” She added, “I don’t know if we’ll ever figure it out.”

She continued: “People expect more of us ‘celebrities,'” Underwood said. “Everyone is busy showing the highlight reels of their life, but life is messy. I’m a mom first and foremost. That’s my favorite. I love my job but that’s my favorite role to play.”