WATCH: Carrie Underwood Says She Knew Loretta Lynn Collaboration Was Going to Be ‘Something Sassy’

by Jon D. B.

Celebrate Loretta Lynn’s 50th studio album, “Still Woman Enough” with Carrie Underwood and the Country Queens who paved her way.

“It was a true honor to perform “Still Woman Enough” with @lorettalynnofficial and @reba,” Carrie Underwood captions her Instagram on Friday. Within, the current Queen of country celebrates the latest from longtime Queen Loretta Lynn: a landmark album from the 88-year-old icon.

“Congrats on the release of your 50TH studio album today, Loretta! 💗” Underwood continues. Indeed, Lynn’s “Still Woman Enough,” on which Underwood joins for the title track, is the legend’s 50th studio album.

In celebration of, Underwood’s post includes a reel in celebration of their collaboration.

“When we were talking about doing this, and you hear the song title ‘Still Woman Enough,’ you know it’s going to be something kinda sassy,” Underwood smiles wide. She couldn’t have been more excited to record this song with two of her heroes – and it shows. Those heroes? None other than Reba McEntire and, of course, Loretta Lynn.

“When I heard [the song], it definitely made sense that the three of us would be singing it together,” she gleams. It’s hard to imagine a more incredible trio than Underwood, McEntire, and Lynn. The only one missing is Dolly Parton. Though, to be fair, Dolly makes everything better.

This incredible combination pulls in three separate generations of genre icons into one song: Country Queens of the “then” and “now.”

To this end, Underwood says “It does kind of fell like… not just this ‘female get together song’… We’re lifting each other up, we’re standing together, and I love moments like that – where we get to do things like that together.”

It’s safe to say Carrie Underwood fans are loving it, too.

Carrie Underwood: “It was a true honor to perform ‘Still Woman Enough'”

Give the reel a watch below and celebrate Loretta Lynn’s 50th studio album with Carrie Underwood:

“Still Woman Enough” – which is also the title of her memoir published in 2002 – is the 4th Legacy Recordings album from Loretta Lynn. Produced by Patsy Lynn Russell & John Carter Cash, Lynn’s latest features an incredible line-up of guest artists, including: Margo Price, Tanya Tucker, and one Carrie Underwood alongside Reba McEntire.

“From her homage to the originators, Mother Maybelle Carter and the Carter Family (via her cover of “Keep On The Sunny Side”) through a new interpretation of her very first single, “I’m A Honky Tonk Girl” Loretta Lynn acknowledges her role in the continuum of American country music with a special collaboration with Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood “Still Woman Enough”, and duets with Margo Price (“One’s On The Way”) and Tanya Tucker (“You Ain’t Woman Enough”), sharing the musical torch with some of the brightest lights and biggest stars in contemporary country music,” Lynn’s official website states of the landmark record.

As for herself, Loretta Lynn says she is “just so thankful to have some of my friends join me on my new album. We girl singers gotta stick together! It’s amazing how much has happened in the fifty years since ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter’ first came out… And I’m extremely grateful to be given a part to play in the history of American music,” the icon concludes.