Carrie Underwood Lights Up Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting With ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ Performance

by Jacklyn Krol
Denise Truscello, Getty Images

Carrie Underwood rang in the Christmas spirit with an epic performance.

On December 1, NBC’s Christmas in Rockefeller Center aired to rave reviews. During the telecast, Underwood performed “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

The stripped-back rendition took place in front of a Christmas decorated fireplace. With acoustic guitars in the background, Carrie Underwood delivered a heavenly performance. The lights surrounded her while her green dress reflected it.

Watch Carrie Underwood’s performance, below.

That’s not the only Christmas celebration that Underwood has performed at. She recently performed at the 2021 Santa Claus Parade in Canada. If you can’t get enough of Underwood’s Christmas music, you can stream her “My Gift: A Christmas Special From Carrie Underwood” on HBO Max. She also performed the holiday carol on that special as well.

Underwood is currently performing at her Reflection Las Vegas Residency at the Resorts World Theatre. You can still get tickets for her performances in March, April, and May. While she does not perform Christmas music during the residency, she does perform all of her hits.

Carrie Underwood and Her Christmas Traditions

Carrie Underwood has always found the holiday season comforting. Growing up, her family used the same stockings and decorations every year. They would decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving together. On Christmas Eve, her family went to her grandparents’ house. They put fruits in paper bags and would go to the local nursing home to sing Christmas carols. Some of the traditions have extended to Underwood’s own family.

“For the past few years, we all get matching PJs,” she said in a press release. “Either we get them or somebody else gifts them to us, and we all match – my husband, myself, my sons, and our dogs. And getting my german shepherd into a Christmas sweater is no easy feat, I will tell you that.”

Ironically, one tradition that didn’t extend to her and Mike’s Christmas was all about their tree.

“We were an artificial tree family growing up,” he revealed. “It was easier, you know, but now in our own home, we do the real tree thing and we kind of try to make that a little bit of a tradition. We go and we pick it out. The boys have some say in which one we get, and they feel some ownership and we all decorate it together and of course, have Christmas music playing in the house. I make cookies that were my husband’s grandmother that my kids call Gigi. It’s her recipe, her ginger snap cookies, and we make those and it’s super sweet. Isaiah loves making Gigi’s cookies, because he still remembers her a little bit. So, it’s something special we get to do.”