Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Joke About Who Has the Best Voice: ‘It’s Called Autotune’

by Will Shepard

Mike Fisher had a long and productive career in the NHL. He played 1,104 and amassed 589 career points, which is an incredible accomplishment. He played eight seasons in Nashville for the Predators, where he met his wife, Carrie Underwood. Additionally, he was named the captain of the team in 2016. But, he stepped away from hockey to sort out his personal life.

So while he was an incredible hockey player, his career was not in music. That being said, though, he is making it a priority to become a musician. And specifically, he is trying to overtake his wife, Carrie Underwood, as a quality country singer.

In a series that the couple is doing, God and Country, they have been talking about their lives. They cover all sorts of topics, ranging from their hardships to the love for their kids. The series is a unique look into their private lives.

In the latest episode of the series that came out on Tuesday, April 27, there is one moment that stands out. The two start talking about Mike Fisher’s musical aspirations. A hilarious exchange takes place between Carrie Underwood and her husband.

Is Mike Fisher a Better Singer Than Carrie Underwood Now?

Once he retired from the NHL, Mike Fisher started a company called “Catchin Deers.” In late 2019, he put out a song called “Amazing.” The song was officially his coming out party as a country singer. But, his wife has other ideas about the career he is now pursuing.

Carrie Underwood says that, “He thinks he can sing now.”

“He says things like, ‘My new song drops Friday.’ And I’m like, ‘Don’t, don’t say drops.'” Carrie Underwood then hilariously imitates him again, “‘I’m going to be in the studio,’ no, no you’re not. I mean, yes, technically. But, no. No.”

The country music superstar then quips, “I’m going to go play hockey now. How would you feel about that?”

And then Mike Fisher drops the bomb and says, “I’m a better singer than you are.” To which Carrie Underwood is shocked and sarcastically says, “What? I don’t think so. I don’t know.”

Then, off-camera, a voice says that he thought Mike’s vocals “sounded pretty good.” At this point, Carrie Underwood seems fed up with the ridiculous comparison and says forcefully that “it’s called autotune. Come on. Anybody can sound good!”

Even though Mike Fisher and Carrie Underwood might argue jokingly about who is the better singer, the answer is quite clear. Only one of the two has ever won a Grammy Award – and it isn’t Mike Fisher.