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Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher Reveal Emotional Story of Son Jacob’s Bible-Inspired Name

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: John Shearer / Contributor/ Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher share on their show the emotional story of where their one-year-old son, Jacob, got his name from.

The couples show, Mike and Carrie: God and Country, came together for their second episode last Tuesday, where they shared their struggle through pregnancies and their faith.

Carrie and Mike Try For Another Baby

Underwood and Fisher welcomed their first son, Isaiah, into the world five years into their marriage. Not long after, they wanted another to keep Isaiah company. The couple reveals that they got pregnant fairly easily. However, they unexpectedly lost the child a few months into the pregnancy.

“It sounds wrong when you say it, but it’s one of those bad things that happen to other people,” Underwood says while choking back tears. “You know what I mean. It’s like so many things in the world. It’s not like something you ever envision yourself having to deal with.”

After a while, the two decided to try again for a baby. Similarly, they had no trouble getting pregnant, but like before, they lost the child after only a few months.

“You pray, and you pray, and you pray, and you pray, and sometimes I’m guilty of expecting God to be a genie in a bottle, and it’s not that,” admits Fisher. “You’re trying to — okay, why is this happening, and you don’t know why and sometimes you never figure out why.”

The faith-driven family revealed when they started to have hope again for another child.

“Mike came to me one day and said, we’re gonna have another baby, and it’s gonna be a boy, and his name is going to be Jacob,” recalls Underwood. “I was like ‘umm okay, and you know this because?’”

Mike Fisher Shares About New Baby

The former NHL star shares how God came to him to tell him about their next child.

“I was frustrated. We’d had two miscarriages. What’s the future look like? We don’t know. Are we gonna adopt, or we gonna go through things in your mind? I was just kind of wrestling and probably the most honest I’d been with God ever in my life, and I heard, not audibly, but I just heard, I just sensed that God told me that we’re gonna have a son. His name’s Jacob.”

The family becomes pregnant a third time, and again they think they lost the child. They begin to struggle in their religion and deal with the challenging times they are given. Wanting answers if she could have children or not, Carrie goes to see her doctor a few days after the “miscarriage”.

“A couple of hours later, the nurse called me, and I felt like she was surprised, like she wasn’t even expecting to tell me what she was gonna tell me. She told me my numbers, and my levels were like not just where they were supposed to be, but like way past– through the roof, no doubt about it, all looks good. We went in later on that day and had an ultrasound, and it’s like it’s all okay. Everything’s okay. So we were like Jacob; this is Jacob.”

The family welcomed Jacob Fisher into the world on January 21, 2019.