Carrie Underwood Mourns the Loss of Her Dog Ace

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

On the heels of her success at the Grammys, Carrie Underwood unfortunately had to say goodbye to her beloved dog Ace. He passed on April 3, the same night that Underwood was winning a Grammy for Best Roots Gospel Album and performing “Ghost Story” for the first time. Underwood posted a series of photos of Ace through his life on Instagram and reflected on their long friendship.

“Last night my sweet Ace left this world…he will forever live on in our hearts and be forever missed,” she wrote, “He was there for me when I was on my own trying to figure out life when it was at its craziest! He was with me through 3 houses, 6 tours and 2 kids…always ready to snuggle and play…through all the highs and lows…he was a true friend and a good boy till the very end. I love you, sweet Ace…see you on the other side…”

Ace seems to have been an elderly dog and had his share of health problems. In 2016, he suffered a herniated disc and his back legs were paralyzed. With love from Carrie Underwood and plenty of physical therapy, he was back running around in no time. Ace very likely had a long and happy life with Underwood, and will always be loved even if he’s no longer with her.

Carrie Underwood is a big supporter of adopting shelter dogs; she has two other dogs, Penny and Zero. In August last year, she posted a photo collage of Penny, Ace, and Zero for National Dog Day.

Carrie Underwood Loses Beloved Dog Ace After Winning Grammy

Carrie Underwood is going through it at the moment: losing her dog, and also winning a Grammy. It’s hard to know how to feel in situations like this. Luckily, Underwood has a strong faith, judging by her album “My Savior.” She previously spoke about how important that album is to her.

She announced her Grammy win on Instagram, writing, “I WON A GRAMMY!!!!! I love this album (‘My Savior’) so much and I truly believe it is the most important album I have ever made! Thanks to all who supported! I am eternally grateful! Glory to God!” She also went backstage at the Grammys to talk about the incredible album.

In a 2021 interview with NPR, Underwood revealed that the songs on “My Savior” were songs she sang growing up. “I went to a very small Baptist church in my hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma,” she explained. “We would file in and sit in the pews. They’d say, ‘Open your hymnals to page…’ or whatever. And off we went.”

She began “My Savior” with a huge list of songs, and had to narrow them down. She chose specific songs that were her “pillars,” that she had a special connection to. “I wanted to record ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘Softly and Tenderly,'” she said, “because those are songs I’ve been singing over the years in live situations.”