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Carrie Underwood Celebrates ‘National Puppy Day’ With Adorable Photos of Her ‘Babies’

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

Today’s made-up holiday is a good excuse to celebrate your pups. At least, Carrie Underwood is all in on National Puppy Day. These little “National ____ Day” things are just a good excuse to have fun and let loose if anything. So, let’s do what Underwood is doing and celebrate those canines in our life. Even the puppies that aren’t really puppies anymore.

Check out Carrie Underwood and her Puppy Day post below.

“It’s [National Puppy Day]! My babies might be all grown up now (even got one in diapers), but they’ll always be puppies in my heart!” Underwood said on Instagram. “Be extra sweet to those furry family members today!”

It seems that the country music singer subscribes to the same dog theory that I do in my life. Every dog is a puppy. No matter how old they are. I have a 14-year-old puppy myself. Underwood is a big dog lover and she has more than a couple of best friends. Tiny dogs wearing giant bow ties? Hilarious. Any kind of dog wearing a diaper? It’s comedy gold and no one will convince me otherwise.

So, make sure to listen to Carrie Underwood and give a puppy or two a pet, scratch, or hug. They deserve it for all that they do for us!

Of course, you know that we here at Outsider are big dog people too. If you want to get in on the fun with other Outsiders, head over to the Twitter page and show off those pups! We’d love to see some more good dogs like Kaner.

Carrie Underwood Enjoys National Puppy Day Before Returning to Vegas

There might be a couple of puppies in tow with Underwood soon as her Las Vegas residency is set to return.

One of the best shows you can catch this year is probably Underwood’s Las Vegas residency. She has been performing since last year off and on in Sin City. Her outfits are dazzling, the performances are powerful, and the stage is a giant set for her to make come to life. Just the photos and videos from past shows have been something to see.

With a new song, Ghost Story, out now, that is going o be something else that fans will look forward to at these shows. The song has already gotten hundreds of thousands of plays on YouTube and elsewhere since March 18. It is a big and theatrical song like many of her recent songs have been.

So, if you have the chance, check those Las Vegas dates. There aren’t that many left. It isn’t going to be easy getting into those shows, I’m sure.