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Carrie Underwood Opens Up About Collaborating With Gospel Singer CeCe Winans and ‘Breaking Barriers’

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/ Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood opens up in a recent interview about her collaboration with hit gospel singer CeCe Winans.

Have you ever heard angels harmonize together? Us either, but we assume it sounds something like this.

Carrie Underwood’s recent gospel album My Savior debuted in late March. The 38-year-old artist featured only the best on the track, so she called in the big guns.

Carrie Underwood and CeCe Winans Are a Musical Powerhouse

Grammy Award-winning and best-selling gospel singer CeCe Winans appear with Underwood for the song “Great Is thy Faithfulness.”

Like we said, only the best.

According to CBS News, Winans used to sing the beautiful hymn with her mother, Delores Winans. Delores was also an icon in the world of gospel artists, so shouting their praises is a family tradition.

Winans commented on her mother’s reaction to her announcing the news of the collaboration.

“My mother said, ‘Wait a minute: She’s doing that duet that she did with me with somebody else?’ The beauty – and when I sang it with her – was the faithfulness of God from her generation to my generation. And I think the same power is going to show from my generation to Carrie’s generation.”

Carrie Underwood reveals what an honor it was to work with just a notable artist, saying she was both nervous and excited.

“I mean, I feel like she mops the floor with me, to be honest! But it was like, I’m gonna sing with her? It’s both exhilarating and exciting and terrifying.”

Imagine such a big name in the music industry being nervous about working with anybody!

However, Winans gave her glory to God for the way things played out.

“It all just worked out,” Winans said. “God’s timing is just amazing.”

Breaking Barriers

Carrie Underwood is asked by CBS co-host Michelle Miller if breaking down barriers between black and white Baptists churches was a theme she had in mind when creating My Savior.

“I mean, I feel like I don’t try to overthink anything,” Underwood laughed. “When the stars align, and something feels right, you just go for it. You just do it.”

CeCe Winans also chimes in and explains that “Great Is thy Faithfulness” brings everyone closer regardless of any divisions.

“It’s a bridge in generations, it’s a bridge with culture. Things that we have allowed to separate us, I think this song is bringing us together.”

Additionally, Bear Rinehart, frontman from the group NEEDTOBREATHE is featured on the album. Together, the artists collaborate to create “Nothing But the Blood of Jesus.”