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Carrie Underwood Opens Up on Growing Up in ‘Small-Town’ Checotah, Oklahoma

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by CBS via Getty Images)

Looking back on her youth takes country music superstar Carrie Underwood back to a time where small-town living was tough yet inspirational.

She remembers growing up and what it was like around her home in Oklahoma for a feature story in Guideposts Magazine.

“We lived in Checotah, Oklahoma, a small town—population 3,500, give or take—full of wide-open spaces, pastures and woods,” Underwood says. “The countryside is so flat that my husband, Mike, likes to say, ‘You could watch your dog run away for two days straight and still see them.’ (Just for the record, we’ve got three dogs at our home in Nashville: Ace, Penny and Zero. You should see them decked out in their Christmas sweaters!)

“What I loved about Checotah besides the good people was the quiet. You could hear the birds, the cicadas, the breeze.”

Carrie Underwood Learned Lessons From Watching Parents

Additionally, Underwood says, “Mom was an elementary school teacher, and Dad worked in a paper mill. We lived on a small farm where my parents bred cattle. Dad baled the hay and fed the calves in the winter. I helped out, bottle-feeding the littlest ones and giving them nicknames.

“I had two older sisters, and whenever a fence got trampled by a cow or the wind blew it down—inevitably when Dad was out of town—Mom and I and whichever sister was around went out, got all the cows back in and then rigged the fence back up till Dad got home to repair it properly.”

Meanwhile, Underwood recalls that “we had a TV in the living room with maybe five channels. No cable. We found better entertainment outside. I loved hunting for snakes, scooping up tadpoles and turtles from the pond, catching frogs in the ditch or fireflies in the fields—and letting them go again. My clothes were always covered with dirt and pond muck.”

New Release Highlights Spirit Of Christmas

As for her career right now, Underwood released a new collaboration with singer John Legend called “Hallelujah.”

Take a look at the video highlighting Underwood and Legend singing together.

Also, Underwood asked her fans what #MyGift song (in conjunction with her album “My Gift”) they liked and what filter they were using on Instagram in a Twitter post.