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Carrie Underwood Reveals the Paranormal Way She Spent Her Birthday

by Amanda Glover
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM)

Country superstar Carrie Underwood recently revealed the paranormal way she spent her birthday.

Underwood’s newest single, “Ghost Story,” tells readers a unique story about relationships, lost love, being tossed aside, and revenge. The song’s story takes place after a tough breakup. However, it details how Underwood is still living life while haunting her ex as he drinks alone at home.

As Rolling Stone describes the song, it is a “spooky, moody counterpart to Underwood’s 2005 hit song, “Before He Cheats.” After listening to the song, I can safely say that this is accurate.

However, Carrie Underwood recently spent a birthday trip to Scotland bringing a real-life ghost story into the celebration. As she discussed with Today’s Country Radio host Kelleigh Bannen, Underwood wished to spend her birthday in a haunted castle in the past. Well, Outsiders, it looks like the “Some Hearts” singer’s wish finally came true!

“This was a few years ago, I had a birthday, and we were in Scotland. And I was like, okay if I’m going to spend my birthday in Scotland, I want to stay at a haunted castle. They found one for me in Inverlochy,” Underwood said.

Inverlochy is a beautiful is a village north of Fort William, Highland, Scotland filled with stunning castles with amazing architecture, tall hills, and bright greenery.

Now, if that doesn’t sound like an epic spring/summer vacation, what does?

More on How Carrie Underwood Spent Her Birthday

When Carrie Underwood spent her birthday in Inverlochy, it quickly turned into a ghost hunting adventure with her band and crew!

“We like drove a bit out of our way to stay there, but it was so cool because the entire castle was like the perfect size for like me and my band and my crew,” Underwood explained. “Like, we all got to stay there. We all had this giant night dinner at like this long table. And they bought me like a ghost hunting kit. And then we had dinner and like a scotch tasting and stuff. Then we went ghost hunting and I had a Geiger counter. And I was like, trying to find…I didn’t find any.”

“It zipped at me like a couple of times, but we didn’t see any ghosts,” the singer continued. “And I was like taking pictures, thinking I’m going to like look back at these pictures. I’m going to see ghosts, Yeah. But it was fun running around in the dark, looking for ghosts on my birthday.”

That definitely sounds like a fun adventure, even if it didn’t take place on Halloween. Embarking on this adventure in a location as beautiful as Scotland likely made the experience all the more special for Underwood.