Carrie Underwood Reveals the Inspiration to Collaborate With NEEDTOBREATHE Ahead of the 2021 CMT Awards

by Katie Maloney

Carrie Underwood and NEEDTOBREATHE recently collaborated on the song, “I Wanna Remember.”

Grammy Award-nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE recently released their new single “I Wanna Remember.” And one of country music’s icons was featured in the song – Carrie Underwood. The song is a beautiful tune about experiencing a moment you want to remember forever. During the song Carrie and the band sing, “The night is clear. All of the stars out in the atmosphere. Wishing that they were you and me right here. They’re showing off for us, I don’t wanna forget it.”

The song has already become a fan favorite and now the group is teaming up again for a performance of the song at the 2021 CMT Awards. Carrie Underwood and NEEDTOBREATHE recently talked about how excited they are for the performance. Underwood shared that she’s looking forward to collaborating with another group during a live performance – something she doesn’t get to do very often.

“Well, when I was asked about performing on the CMT awards, it’s always such a fun show to be a part of, and the performances always end up looking and sounding so amazing,” said Underwood. “And we had just recorded this song and I was like, ‘Why not?’ I don’t get to collaborate too much with other people on stage and doing something like this.”

She added that she’s looking forward to performing with “friends.”

“So it’s fun to just be on stage with friends and perform. And just feed off that energy with each other,” said Underwood. “I do love the song so much so it just felt right. It felt like the right song to do and the right guys to do it with.”

Carrie Underwood and NEEDETOBREATHE talk about collaboration.

Carrie Underwood Knew She Wanted to Be a Part of the Song as Soon as She Heard It

During the same interview, NEEDTOBREATHE and Carrie Underwood talked about how they decided to collaborate on the song. NEEDTOBREATHE said they were very nervous to sing in front of superstar Underwood. And, believe it or not, she was nervous too. But both Underwood and the group knew she was a perfect fit for the vocal performance.

“It’s just a very inspiring song. It just kind of gives you all the feels. And whenever I heard it, I could just hear myself on it. And I already knew we sounded great together,” said Underwood. “And it was equally nervewracking for me to come sing in front of you guys in the studio. Because you’re doing your thing and they’re all out there listening. But it’s such a great collab and I’m proud to be a part of it.”