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Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Son Isaiah Wrote Both His and His Baby Brother’s Christmas List

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Stagecoach

Carrie Underwood and her family are getting ready for Christmas. And her 5-year-old Isaiah knows just what he wants under the tree this year.

The country singer revealed that the 5-year-old wrote his own Christmas list for Santa Claus this year. Like any good brother would, Isaiah also made a Christmas list for his younger brother Jacob. Right now, Jacob is only a toddler, almost two-years-old. So Isaiah interpreted what his brother might want.

Right now, Isaiah seems to be going through a superhero phase. His favorite is the web-slinging hero, Spider-Man. Meanwhile, he put decidedly less thought into his brother’s Christmas list, figuring he’d be okay with some “random baby toys.”

“They did. Isaiah wrote a list for himself, but also wrote a list for Jake,” Underwood said on “The Tonight Show.” “It sounded super sweet when he was doing it. For himself, it was mostly Spider-Man toys or Spider-Man-related things. And then on Jake’s, he wrote ‘Random Baby Toys.’ Like the words ‘Random Baby Toys.”

So far, Underwood has been in the holiday spirit for much of 2020, recently releasing her holiday album “My Gift.”

“I do feel like I’ve been living Christmas all year long,” she said. “So I have been living in Christmas land all of 2020, which is a much better place than being in 2020 itself.”

Carrie Underwood Received Cows For Christmas

Meanwhile, it was her husband Mike Fisher, not Santa Claus, that got Underwood her own Christmas present. Fisher surprised her with a present she’s been asking for, for a while – cows.

On his Instagram story, Fisher showed off the two new additions to the Underwood family. Living on a farm, the family already has numerous animals including chickens and horses.

Now they can add cows to the mix. Maybe, little Isaiah and Jacob will help their parents feed them as well. Underwood said her two little helpers have been busy on the family farm during the pandemic.

“We have chickens, and they’ll go down and help us feed the chickens and collect the eggs,” she said. “We’ll go down and feed our horses and go fishing.”

If they’re good, maybe Santa will bring them Spider-Man toys and “random baby toys” as well.