Carrie Underwood Says Her Son Isaiah Got Super Confused Seeing Her Perform on Sunday Night Football

by Leanne Stahulak

It’s almost time to see country superstar Carrie Underwood grace our screens for another spectacular Sunday Night Football (SNF) opening show!

This will be Underwood’s ninth time performing the hit song “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night” for the NFL. And apparently, during one of those earlier eight seasons, her six-year-old son Isaiah caught a glimpse of his mom on TV.

Carrie Underwood spoke with Access Hollywood recently, right after recording this year’s SNF opener. At the end of the interview, Access’s Zuri Hall asked Underwood, “And does the fam get impressed when they see Mom on TV, kicking off Sunday nights?”

“I feel like the kids are usually on their way to bedtime by then,” the country star said. “But Isaiah, my oldest, did catch me once. And he’s like, ‘What are you doing, why are you singing at the football show? What’s happening?'”

Underwood called his confusion “cute.” Maybe this year he’ll be old enough to watch Mom perform the whole song, just before bedtime.

And we know it’ll be a show worth watching. Every year, Underwood and her team play around with different concepts and directions for the show. But this year promises to top them all, according to the country singer.

“I’m excited for sure. And I feel like every year, they come up with just such incredible concepts, and we get to go in and kind of do some things to the song, and try to keep it fresh,” Underwood said. “But this is like a whole other level.”

How Carrie Underwood’s Sunday Night Football Opening Show Takes it to the Next Level

This year, Carrie Underwood’s team shot the opening show at Industrial Light & Magic’s LED sound stage. Disney recently used the stage to film its hit show “The Mandalorian.” Apparently, it’s a more immersive experience because the people on stage can see the visual effects they’d implement in the video.

“This is basically a room where the ceiling, all around you, it’s all screens,” Underwood told Hall, who interviewed her at the sound stage. “So they can put up content on the screen and literally make you feel like you’re just in this world.”

This virtual “world” also informed Underwood’s fashion choices for the show. Hall commented on her sleek, geometric black and silver sheath dress, calling it “powerful.”

“We have this futuristic set behind us, and I have to wear something that kind of matches that,” Carrie Underwood explained. “We’ve looked through pictures and things, and talked color schemes, and what would be best. And I feel like I’m pretty structured and futuristic [in this].”

Even though the set changes, the song stays the same. And Underwood’s happy about that because it really hypes her up for the game.

“This song gets me pumped for football!” Underwood said. “When you have some energy, like a song like this, with heavy guitars. And we try to put some crowd noise in there and stuff. You can just kind of feel it.”