Carrie Underwood Shares Adorable Quote from Son About ‘Singing for Jesus’ for New Christmas Album

by Will Shepard

Carrie Underwoods’ son is set to be the next big star after he sang on her new Christmas album. Isaiah Underwood is just 5-years old and already on an incredibly popular song.

What some cant accomplish in a lifetime, Isaiah Underwood has done in 5 years. It does help that he is Carrie Underwood’s son, but he is a surprisingly good singer.

The country icon is incredibly proud of her son and happy that she got the chance to record with him. There is certainly a chance that he follows in her footsteps.

In a written post from Guideposts, Underwood talks about how much it means to her that he sang on the album. She says that she asked if he wanted to sing on one of her Christmas songs, and to her delight, Isaiah said yes.

“‘Okay, Mommy,’ he said. We practiced together at home. He can’t read all that well yet, so we went over ‘Little Drummer Boy’ line by line, word by word.”

Underwood continues, talking about how stoked Isaiah was the morning of recording. He got all dressed up and put on his best outfit to head to the studio and record.

“The morning we were supposed to go to the recording studio, he got himself dressed. He came down the stairs in his jeans that he wears to church, a button-down shirt, and a little black fedora.”

Carrie and Isaiah Underwood at the Studio

There might be nothing cuter out there than a little kid getting dressed up to make his mom proud. And certainly, Underwood was proud of her son. She even says that he sounds great on the song.

“At the studio, he sounded like a pro, singing into the mic, headphones on, ‘I’ll play my best for Him, pa rum pum-pum-pum, rum pum-pum-pum.'”

Carrie Underwood is devoutly religious, hence the names of her sons, Jacob and Isaiah. She says that they were a “gift from God greater than any gift we can imagine.” Isaiah has taken to religion quickly and felt that dressing up for the recording was what Jesus would want.

“‘I’m gonna go sing for Jesus,'” he replied, ‘so I wanted to look nice.'”

Underwood’s album, My Gift, is out now and even debuted at the top of Billboard Music charts. However, Carrie isn’t certain she will be able to spend Christmas with her family this year.