Carrie Underwood Shares What Her Kids Are Asking Santa For This Year

by Chris Haney
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Thursday night, country star Carrie Underwood joined host Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show and talked about what her children want for Christmas.

During the virtual interview, Fallon begins the segment by asking Underwood her two kids ages. The singer says her oldest, Isaiah, is almost six and that her youngest, Jacob, will soon turn two. Next, The Tonight Show host asks the all-important Christmas question: “Have they written out their list for Santa yet?” It sounds like Spider-Man is extremely popular around the country singer’s household these days.

“They did. Isaiah wrote a list for himself, but also wrote a list for Jake. It sounded super sweet when he was doing it. For himself, it was mostly Spider-Man toys or Spider-Man-related things. And then on Jake’s he wrote ‘Random Baby Toys.’ Like the words ‘Random Baby Toys,'” Underwood said to a laughing Fallon.

“So you think it’s going to be sweet, but he didn’t really put much thought into it,” Underwood jokingly added.

Carrie Underwood’s Husband Reveals What She Wants for Christmas

Recently, Underwood’s husband and former NHL player Mike Fisher shared details about his famous wife’s Christmas wish list. What did the country singer want for Christmas? Turns out Underwood had cows at the top of her list.

Fisher posted pictures on his Instagram story of a black cow and a brown cow grazing. Although it may seem like a strange gift, Fisher says that’s exactly what his wife requested, so that’s what Underwood received.

In the past, Underwood has spoken about their family spending lots of time on their farm during the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s talked about starting a garden and tending to the farm’s livestock. Her two young sons even help out their parents on the farm.

“We have chickens, and they’ll go down and help us feed the chickens and collect the eggs,” Underwood explained. “We’ll go down and feed our horses and go fishing.”

The family farm is growing with the addition of the new Christmas cows.