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Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Impressive Fishing Haul in Bikini Selfies

by Jon D. B.
Carrie Underwood (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Global Citizen Festival)

Carrie Underwood – Or Carrie ‘Fisher’? The country superstar is living her best Outsider life on the lake Wednesday with the shots to prove it!

“Feeeeeeshies! 🐟🐟🐟” the ever-sweet Underwood captions her gallery. She’s caught herself quite the haul of freshwater fishies, indeed! Over the course of five photos, the bikini-clad angler shows off what look to be smallmouth bass of varying sizes. Some are more impressive than others, sure, but the joy of fishing is all in the fishing itself! Trophies be damned. Until you land one, that is.

And for Carrie Underwood fans who may be concerned, don’t be! With her hashtags, she clearly states that she is in the “#CatchAndRelease” camp. Or as her second hashtag puts it, Underwood is “#JustSayingHi!”

“Who knew Carrie Underwood fished??” replies fan Neil. Well, now we all do!

Fan Tori is quick to tell Underwood how “Amazing!” her shots are. “Also I love your abs and swimsuit!” she adds.

Zach Myers of Shinedown and Smith & Myers fame is in for comment, too, with: “Same today!” Looks like we’ve got several Outsiders out on the lake this Wednesday!

Check out the country superstar’s shots for yourself above, or by visiting her official Instagram here.

Carrie Underwood: Fishing & Family

In her third photo, that looks to be husband Mike Fisher fishing along with Underwood on the lake. Followers are often treated to glimpses into their lives together with their two young boys. It’s a pleasure, to be sure, as this gorgeous family radiates kindness and love: two things we all need more of in the years to come.

Indeed, country music fans were thrilled when Carrie & Mike announced they would be adding to their family in 2018. Underwood herself felt “immensely blessed,” too, after the tragic miscarriages she had suffered years prior.

After announcing at the CMA Awards that their second would be a boy, the world would meet Carrie Underwood’s “miracle” baby. Jacob Bryan was born on January 21, 2019, and he is absolutely precious.

A few years on and the country icon would celebrate his 2nd birthday in the perfect way. Taking to Instagram, Underwood shared a heartfelt messaged penned just for little Jacob. There, fans saw a once-private photo of her second son as a newborn for the first time.

“Jacob, we longed for you. We prayed for you,” Underwood offers in her son’s birthday message. “We walked a long, hard road in order to one day hold you. Today you are two. You are silly and strong – You love to play and sing and follow your big brother around,” she continues beautifully. “You are loved – You are cherished – You are an incredible blessing from God. Happy birthday, sweet boy!”

Here’s to hoping these two boys grow up every bit the phenomenal Outsiders their parents are!