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Carrie Underwood Sings Her Songs in Public While at the Grocery Store

by Katie Maloney

If we had a voice like Carrie Underwood’s, we would never stop singing. So, we weren’t at all surprised when we heard that Underwood frequently sings while strolling the grocery store aisles. During an interview in 2012, Underwood revealed that she occasionally gets songs stuck in her head. But she doesn’t get just any old song stuck in her head. Sometimes, she just can’t get her own songs out of her mind. And when those songs get stuck, she occasionally finds herself accidentally singing her own songs out loud in public.

“I do and that’s embarrassing. Because I sing and I don’t realize it if I’m like in the store or something,” said Underwood.

But her covers aren’t limited to singing. She’ll also whistle.

“I’ll whistle or I’ll sing and I don’t even realize that sound is being produced from myself,” she added. “So I do and then I’m horribly embarrassed.”

Hey, no judgment here, Carrie Underwood. We’d wish we had a voice like yours! And we’re sure all the grocery store patrons are grateful for the free mini-concert.

Carrie Underwood Said She Changes The Channel When Her Songs Come On The Radio

Have you ever wondered what a music superstar reacts when they hear their song on the radio? Do they zone out and belt out the song as if they were in the recording studio? Or are they so tired of hearing the song by the time that it hits the radio that they change the station? For Carrie Underwood, it’s a little bit of both.

Underwood released her debut album after winning American Idol in 2005. Since then she’s racked up 21 number one hit songs. So, Carrie Underwood is no stranger to hearing her songs on the radio. And with songs that span genres including country, pop, and gospel, Underwood’s reach covers a lot of radio stations.

During the same interview, Underwood talked about what she does when she hears her songs on the radio. She said that, when she’s hearing it play for the first time, it’s a special moment. She’ll listen to the whole song and take it all in. However, if she’s heard the song countless times, even though she recorded it, she’ll most on to another radio station.

“It depends. If it’s the first time I’ve heard a new song on the radio, I turn it up, cause that’s a moment. You remember where you were or where you were headed when — ‘the first time I heard this song on the radio was …” said Underwood. “But if it’s like a song I’ve heard a million times, I’ll probably change the channel.”