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Carrie Underwood Surprises 7-Year-Old Fan Who Helped Front Line Workers

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/ Getty Images)

Country star Carrie Underwood recently surprised a young fan and hero that is doing her part to help front-line heroes during the pandemic.

After a 7-year-old girl heard about her local children’s hospital running out of personal protective equipment, she decided to take action. Hayley, a Chicago resident, started selling handmade bracelets in the hopes of raising $200.

The young girl ended up smashing that record by selling 10,000 bracelets and raising over $27,000.

“So originally, back in March, when we were at the stay-at-home order, my mom was watching the news, and I overheard that the doctors and nurses were running out of masks and other PPE equipment, so I really wanted to help, but I didn’t know how,” said Hayley. “So I ran up to my room and made these friendship bracelets, and I told my mom I wanted to sell them and raise money for one of the hospitals.”

After Hayley spent time in the NICU at the hospital, she decided she would give back to the place that cared for her as a baby.

“I can’t even tell you how proud we are,” said Hayley’s mother, Lori. “Initially, I thought this would keep her busy for two hours, and then I thought maybe it would keep her busy for a few days, and we are going on ten months of uninterrupted time. For a mom, that’s great.”

Carrie Underwood Surprises Fan

In addition, the bracelets will show up in the Swag Bags that are given out at the Grammy Awards. Also, one Grammy award-winning artist wanted to share her appreciation for Hayley’s efforts. Carrie Underwood joined the Zoom call to surprise her young fan.

“I wish so much that I could be looking at you face-to-face, in person, right now. You’re adorable, and you’re the perfect example. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are, whatever it is that you’re into. You took your love of making bracelets, and you used it to make the world a better place, so yay, Hayley!”

Finally, Drew Barrymore and Carrie Underwood surprised Hayley once more with a donation to her cause. Barrymore contributed $5,000, and as an Ambassador for Body Armor Lyte, the company and Carrie Underwood are donating another $5,000.

The family was blown away by the generosity of the actress and artist, as are we. It shows a little positivity, and help can go a long way. You go, Hayley!