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Carrie Underwood Taking Time to ‘Enjoy This Fall Weather’ in Stunning New Pic

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic,)

Carrie Underwood continues to reign as one of the best-selling female country artists of all time. In fact, her debut album “Some Hearts” just joined an elite club of only a handful of country artists. She takes credit for one of only 6 albums to have earned a 9x platinum status verified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

The girl can sing, but superfans might also remember some acting roles from the star over the years. First, there was that iconic appearance on “How I Met Your Mother.” Then, there was Underwood’s work on the emotional “Soul Surfer” flick. Acting isn’t her only side venture, however. Carrie Underwood also has quite an entrepreneurial spirit. She launched an activewear line to promote health and beauty, specifically for women, about 7 years ago. Her latest Instagram post shows off some of that special gear while she enjoys “this fall weather.”

Carrie Underwood Shows Off Her Toned Physique and Promotes Fitness Apparel With the Tagline #StayThePath

Pronounced Cah-LEE-ah, Underwood’s Calia apparel line launched officially back in 2014. It aims to help women “be the strongest version of ourselves in every facet of our lives.” The brand frequently uses the tagline “Stay the path” to encourage a commitment to wellness, but Underwood says rest days are just as important. Actually, her latest Instagram post seems to show off one of these “rest days” along with a toned physique and sultry stare off into the distance.

Check it out here:

This follows another post from the star that celebrated fall not too long ago. It showed Underwood tending to a giant flowering mum plant while she rocked a cozy vest. Apparently, the singer actually has a knack for gardening. In past interviews, she’s also detailed her love for farmer’s markets and produce stands.

Back in 2016, she told “Country Living” that they’re the one thing she “brakes” for on the road. “Fruit and veggie stands,” Underwood starts. “The food tastes better, and I know I’m supporting people who do things right.” 

Going Undercover

Back in 2016, Carrie Underwood went undercover for a unique marketing bit aimed to promote her Calia brand. During the bit, she talked to Calia shoppers while under a disguise to get their genuine opinions about the brand. The disguise involves a brown wig, glasses, and cap. It looks a bit ridiculous but most of the Dick’s Sporting Goods customers seem to buy it.

Carrie Underwood has fun with the bit joking with unsuspecting shoppers about stealing clothes from the mannequin display and possibly getting fired. She tries to throw some off by saying she came from “headquarters,” but she ends up breaking character and connecting with fans instead.

It’s sweet, it’s funny. It’s very Carrie Underwood. Check it out: