Carrie Underwood Talks How America Needs the ‘Togetherness’ of ‘Sunday Night Football’ in New Video

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood has been waiting all year for Sunday night—football, that is. The weekly tradition kicked off this past Sunday when the Rams defeated the Bears 34-14. Now that the season is upon us, Carrie dropped a promo and said that Sunday Night Football can help bring people back together.

“All right, what a night. it’s finally here.” Yes, it is. The summer lull is officially over, and nothing says that better than the opening lyrics of Carrie Underwood’s Waiting All Day For Sunday Night. It’s time to grab the chicken wings, light a fire, and spend our Sundays rooting on our favorite teams.

Carrie’s newest rendition of the classic song finally dropped on September 12th. And as always, her flawless performance got our blood rushing as we waited for the opening kickoff. In the official music video, she’s dressed to the nines in a shimmering black and silver dress and thigh-high boots. And she’s surrounded by a lot full of tailgate-ready cars. 

Yesterday, Carrie took a moment to tell her followers just what Sunday Night Football means to her and how much she loved filming the 2021 primetime video.

“Had a blast filming the new #SNF Open! Thank you @snfonnbc! We’re waiting all day for Sunday Night!” her caption stated. “Go behind the scenes of the new #SNFOpen with @CarrieUnderwood.”

Carrie Underwood is in her 9th season with the NBC sports franchise. She took over for the equally beautiful and talented Faith Hill after she stepped down from the throne in 2012.

“People really connect with Sunday Night Football and forget everything else that’s going on in the world,” she said in the video. And Underwood thinks that this year, we need togetherness more than ever.

The seven-time Grammy winner said that she loves taking on the challenge to reinvent the song and “make it fresh. This time, she recorded on a huge CGI set.

“This year, we have this incredible CGI world around us, and it’s such an incredible space to work in.”

Carrie Underwood’s Son Was Confused When He Saw Her Perform on ‘Sunday Night Football’

When we see Carrie Underwood stomp onto our TV screens each weekend and belt the Sunday Night Football anthem, there is no confusion for us. We know that means it’s game time. But apparently, it used to be a little strange for her son Isaiah. 

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Carrie recalled the first time her oldest son caught a glimpse of his famous mom on the small screen. 

“I feel like the kids are usually on their way to bedtime by then,” she said. “But Isaiah, my oldest, did catch me once. And he’s like, ‘What are you doing, why are you singing at the football show? What’s happening?’”