Carrie Underwood Teases New ‘Sunday Night Football’ Open Using Cutting-Edge Technology

by Jacklyn Krol

Carrie Underwood is ready for football season (and so are we!)

On Monday, August 23, the American Idol alum teased the new visual for her famous football anthem. Her new video will debut on the September 12 season opener between the Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams in California.

“Here we go — year 9 with @SNFonNBC and I think we’ve created the best opener yet! We’ve got some pretty awesome technology for this one and I can’t wait for you all to see it on September 12 on @nbc and @peacockTV,” she tweeted.

Furthermore, NBC’s Sunday Night Football has been primetime television’s No. 1 program for the last ten years. Every NFL fan knows “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.”

The New Tech

Firstly, the new music video was shot at Industrial Light & Magic’s LED sound stage. The company is actually a division of Lucasfilm. You wouldn’t recognize it, but the set was recently used in The Mandalorian Disney+ series. The cutting-edge technology utilizes the StageCraft LED virtual production technology. This opening is quite different as it will begin with a virtual football tailgate as her background.

“Shooting the new show open for Sunday Night Football is one of the highlights of my year,” Carrie Underwood said.  “I just love the fact that we get to reinvent it every year. The team behind these shoots is incredible and it’s always a really fun day, especially this year getting to work with such amazing state-of-the-art technology.” 

Besides Underwood’s performance, the video will feature NFL’s biggest stars and even some fans at NFL tailgates that they recorded.

“We are excited about this year’s new collaboration with Carrie, which utilizes virtual production technology to generate real-time environments for Carrie’s performance, including a ‘tailgate’ to salute this game’s great fans, who have been ‘waiting all day for Sunday night’ and will be incorporated with their own user-generated tailgate videos,” Tripp Dixon, creative director of the SNF show open shared.

Carrie Underwood Mini Me?

You’ll recall that Carrie Underwood first got her start on American Idol. Former judge Simon Cowell instantly knew during her audition that there was something special about her.

“I didn’t understand a lot about country music when I first met Carrie but you do know a star when you hear one and meet somebody,” Cowell told People.

“I think same with Victory about how little I know about opera and classical music — not much,” the veteran judge and executive producer shared.

Cowell recently compared the 9-year-old opera America’s Got Talent contestant Victory Brinker to Carrie Underwood.

During the show he told the child, “You have a unique special talent and I think you are incredible. It amazes me. I didn’t even know someone your age could be able to sing this way. ” He then referenced Carrie Underwood.